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41 . The title stands for 

i fiuiiUinff 






East Central Community College 
Decatur, Mississippi 

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both — 
and there you have the facts of life." 

These familiar lyrics and Uncle John's Ultimate Bathroom Reader are the inspirations for the 67 ,h 
volume of the East Gentral Community College Wo-He-Lo. The fact is that facts fascinate us, so we 
decided to spice things up this year and give you the facts - EC style. We've taken the good - there's 
not much bad - and here we have the EC facts of life. 

All the facts about life at EC are right here at your fingertips - it's a new year with new people, new 
fun and, best of all new memories. From Welcome Back Week to graduation day, life EC style is 
never dull and we have captured it all Whether you are in the band driimming on the drum line, in 
computer lab learning a new program on the court practicing for the big game, or in your dorm 
room checking your "My Space" page, it is a fact that EC has something for you - and for everyone. 

And we'll even step outside EC life with little-known, interesting facts that will blow your mindl Did 
you know that the average American can read about 1 50-200 words a minute? This fact means that 
the average American reads approximately three words per second! The human brain is a remarkable 
thing - even if it is 80% water! 

It has been said, "You learn something new every day." That will certainly be true as you read and 

enjoy this year's Wo-He-Lo. The 2008 edition is a fun and enlightening one ~ 


Britni Wright and CandaceLong, Editors 

EC's first mascot was the 
but not for long. In the early 1930s, 

the school adopted the Warrior 

as its official mascot in honor of the 

region's rich Native American heritage 





s / 

\\,\,\ ( i Mil i, 1 1 is prool ol I lie lad thai as lime passes \r, lliiii;. 1 /. < liani'r. hum I . k ilir, imp) uvi inuii . In 
technological advancements to added security, EC has made positive changes to better its students' lives. The 
administration has worked very hard to see that "My EC" is the best it can be. 

The most notable improvements can be seen in campus facilities. The new Student Union building is a 
nice addition. There, students can socialize in the student lounge or eat at the new modern grilL They can check 
email on one of twenty new computers in the computer lab, play pool or lift weights, or even shop in the ECs 
attractive, up-to-date bookstore. The football stadium has also seen notable improvements, including a beautiful new 
entrance, and it has a new name - Bailey Stadium - in honor of benefactors Bill and Louise Bailey. 

EC has had technological improvements, too. Online capabilities have been expanded with the additions 
of "My EC and EC Blackboard "My EC gives students access to their accounts online. They can check their 
financial aid status, add classes to their schedules, view an unofficial transcript from previous semesters, and do 
many other things that past students could not do. EC Blackboard which is a virtual classroom for students, allows 
campus classes to be viewed online. Teachers can post assignments, announcements, and notes for students, and 
students can have discussions with their teachers and classmates via the discussion board. These updates will make 
EC students more technology literate as they continue their educations. 

n addition EC has upgraded campus security. Barber Hall and Jackson Hall both have guards posted in 
the lobby, and the administration is planning the installation of additional technologies in student housing facilities 
to secure the safety of students. Also, EC students must now wear their student IDs in a visible manner at all times 
so that security can question anyone who is on campus without an ID to avoid intruders on campus. 

East Central Community College has been improved drastically over the past two years, with more 
beneficial changes still to come. "My EC is continually striving to be the best it can be . . . 
~ Brian Wright AacJ -tkiMfs a- 



The first product to have a 

bar code scanned was 

Wrigley's gum. 


fhre!e percent of Americans 
^nower with their pets. 

The first rock climbing wall 
was invented in 1964 b y a 

British college professor 

The average ch 
has eig ht in sert 

ocolate bar 
legs in it. 


Ketchup was sold in the 
1830s as medicine. 

At any one time, there are 
100 million phone conversa- 

tions going on in the U.S. 


On average, 100 people 

choke to death on ballpoint 

pens every year. 

The potato chips Americans 

eat each year weigh six times 

as much as the Jitanic. 

Opening 7 


Student Life 

*S>t\jdertk U$e^ 


*Z^k<jdevtt U$es fywdve& -£A^ ^/eysicio^f. 

- ffdiyia -to da-33 avd ^t^jd^a fov -tl^cA, v^fit h'« -te£ft 

- /vuzjzkiv\a, -tA-e. \l^a±rY\ov~5> (A, -£A^ l/J^W/He. '%>a-ck~ IaW^- pi"<3Kfc2 

- dv~e£>5l\A<2. up fOV -£A^ hemst^ v~£Vi£l/J 

- \fJiv\dl\Aa. up -£A^- Y^^v i/Jf£A ^A<z^ e^<3f^4tot£ of ^pv1>w "^pv^^ 

\Z>t\jcie]AX, LAnZ-' &%> t^C> ^\rc\Tic(e^> #pp£>H:uKiffe^ -£<9 le^vn, cie^dcf 

Student Life 

At the Welcome Back Week 
picnic, Courtney Elkins and 
Lacy McMurry leap with 
Warrior spirit. "I love being a 
Centralette," Lacy expressed. 
"Ifs fun, and it gives me the 
opportunity to meet new 

Trying to defy gravity, Valerie 
Johnson stretches as far as 
she can down the bungee 
run before being jerked right 
back to where she started. 





Hi ' 

ie real power of hypnosis 
comes from the trust the 
Lypnotist can instill in his 
ects. They must believe tl 
can control their minds, ev 
tiough there is no scientific 
isensus that such a thing ; 
' id control 

At the Meet the Warriors picnic, Sam Lewis, 
Steven Walters, Brandon Williams, Kevin AAoore, 
and Kyle Buckley enjoy their food while listening 
to the great sounds of EC's performiance 

Far Right: With a look of amazement, Genny 
Freeman shows that she is very impressed with 
the strength of Parker Bullock's muscles. 

10 Welcome Back Week 

- hard 


"I felt like < 
kid again! 

~ Julie Gaine 

ooled - rrv 
nuscles a 
ock solid. 

nyaun Cor 



o "MY EC 

„iat is MY EC7' students may ask. Welcome Back Week gave them the answer to this 
V V question! Welcome Back Week showed students that "MY EC is a place where students can 
learn and have fun at the same time! 

The week started with a "bounce" on Monday, when Baptist Student Union hosted Inflatables 
Night, which allowed students to get wet and wild. With a slip-n-slide, rock wall and all kinds of 
inflatables to bounce on, who wouldn't have fun? On Tuesday night, students danced the night away at 
the annual Welcome Back Dance in the South Gym 

Huff Auditorium filled with the buzz of hundreds of students anxious to discover the "power of 
the mind" Wednesday night with hypnotist Colonel Ed Wallington, who made his thirty-fifth appearance 
on our campus. By making students accomplish extraordinary tasks, Colonel Wallington proved to 
students: "What your mind conceives; your body achieves." They lifted a 127-ton bar with their own 
strength; viewed attractive men/women with x-ray glasses; imitated a toaster, a blender, a pilot, and a 
chainsaw by doing silly jesters; killed rats with a broom and even got caught drinking by Mr. Killens. 

Welcome Back Week concluded with a picnic at the mall where students enjoyed the sound of ECs 
Collegians and the remarkable moves of the Centralettes and cheerleaders, along with the spectacular 
sounds of ECs drumline. Students also ate good food while socializing and meeting ECs sports teams. 

The week warmly welcomed new and old students to EC, and they came to see that EC is not just 
a college; EC is a place they can make their own By the week's end, students could say, "It's MY EQ" 

~ Kylie Rigdon 

Welcome Back Week 11 



your EC!! 

What is "My EC? "My EC began as a catch phrase created by technology director David Case as a way to 
log into East Central's new student information system Bubby Johnston and Maria McLeod in the Office 
of Public Information liked the phrase and used it as the basis of a new and innovative ad campaign Their idea was 
that "MY EC is different from "YOUR EC." McCleod noted "Everyone's EC is different from the next person's; it just 
depends on how one sees EC" 

So what is "My EC? The answers are as varied as the students who attend East Central. "My EC is a place 
where I can go to hang out with new and old FRIENDS". ~ "It's my home away from HOME." - "It's a place where 
I can be a ROCKSTAR!" - "My EC is a WINNER" ~ "My EC is CASH in my pocket." - "My EC bleeds BLACK and 
GOLD!" "Yes, my EC is a little CRAZY at times." ~ "It's a place where I know I can get a good MEAL." • "It's a 
place I know I feel WELCOMED!" 

That is what makes EC such a great place: it is so many things all rolled into one! And yet, though unique 
in many ways, EC is still one place where students share a common bond as Warriors. In the end this phrase sums 
it up ~ "MyEC . . .is your EQ" 

- Jennifer Sistrunk 

"At my EQ 
I recruit 
others to 

-Austin Crouther 

"My EC is preparing 
me for my 
future job!!" 

Kayla Ann 



Swinging for the fence, 
sophomore Chris Parkman 
says his EC lets him be part 
of a state championship 
baseball team! 

Around EC, seeing double is not an 
uncommon thing for friends of twins 
Becke and Brooke Culpepper 

"EC is the buliding block of my 
future", says sophomore C.J. 
Crawford. "Here at AAY EC I am 
able to get my basics in elementry 
education before I transfer to a 
university after graduation." 

Showing off his refund money, 
Drew Gillis is proud of the rewards 
his EC offers him to be a Warrior. 
EC students can earn scholarship 
money for involvement in clubs, 
musical groups, and athletic 
teams, as well as for service and 
academic excellence. 

love the thrill pep rallies 
give me while 
our team." 

~ Brittany Germany 

"Pep rallies 
always get me 

ready to go 
out and do my 

best during 

the game!" 

~ Bryon Rizzi 

"EC pep rallies 
are the best! 
I am really 
going to miss them 
when I leave." 

~ Dustin Evans 

It's a cool sunny Thursday morning and the murmur of eager students fills the air, white the band warms 
up and cheerleaders do stretches and kicks to get the excitement buzzing. The children point and stare 
in awe at the sight before them as Centralettes practice last minute routines, making sure to get every move 
right. The fight song breaks out and soon the Mall is filled with cheering and the roar of the crowd As 
the teams look on the band plays full blast the cheerleaders do perfectly choreographed stunts, and the 
Centralettes dance their hearts out. Sound familiar? This is just one of the many thrilling East Central pep 
rallies that always remind doubters that Warrior Pride is never in short supply! 

Some of the most exciting moments at each pep rally occur during the mini-games that encourage 
participation from fellow Warriors throughout the crowd. Onlookers laugh and cheer as barrel races take 
place or a new dance craze is shown off for all to learn. Creating dazzling pep rallies and mini-games does 
not come easy, though. It takes a lot of hard work, determination and teamwork to bring these shows to 
life. As freshman Centralette Nicole Dunavant puts it "The Centralettes, cheerleaders, football team and 
coaches do a great job of getting the student body involved and excited about the big game each week!" 

Pep rallies at East Central display the overwhelming support every individual here has for our athletic 
teams. Rousing speeches from Dr. Sutphin, coaches, and team members help propel the Warrior enthusiasm 
all the way to the playing field for each game. Freshman Tanika Robinson expresses it well "EGGC pep 
rallies are great! Trie music is very catchy and upbeat and the stunts are awesome!" 
Warrior pride and Warrior- spirit t hey are never in short supply at an EC pep rally! 

~ Shaun Cooper 


Pep Rallies 

Smiling all the while, Marty Bergin, 
Regan Joyner.Lacy McMurry, 
Courtney Elkins, Carmen Ezell, and 
the rest of the Centralettes show 
off their incredible dance moves 
at a fall pep rally. Marty noted, 
"Pep rallies give us a chance to 
pump up the team and fans, 
and the whole time I'm doing 
something that I love!" 

As part of Centralettes' annual 
initiation week, freshmen Brooke 
Culpepper, Becky Culpepper, Lacy 
McMurry, Krystle Wolverton, and 
Tiffany Thomas attend a pep rally 
as babies. Even though they may 
look like they are having fun, 
Brooke declared, "Being a baby 
is harder than it looks." 

m- - ' 

CT,*« 4 


h^ ^m 

-< ] 


r *^M 




Contrary to popular lore, 

cheerleading did not start in the 

South. In fact, cheerleading has 

New England roots, beginning back 

in the 1870s when Princeton 

organized the first pep club. 

Far left: Elaina James gets the fans pumped 
up while doing the "wheel barrow" with the 
Warrior mascot Sharla Joyner. 

Cheerleaders Juley Taylor, Kayla Adcock, Elaina 
James, Emily Thrash, and Dru Andersonmake 
a pyramid - with the help of the unseen guys, 
of course. "I love showing my school spirit," 
Kayla said, "and I have fun getting the crowd 
involved to help cheer on the Warriors!" 

Pep Rallies 



The average bed is 
ome to six billion dust mi 
even in dorm rooms!. 

No backyard is needed for dorm student Trenton 
Cockrell, who grills up some delicious hamburgers 
before a Warrior game. "This is how real men do 
it," said Trenton. 

Far Right: Enjoying their nicely decorated dorm room, 
Tiffany Thomas and Erica Dowell see what's new 
on Facebook. 

Making mud pies is not just a child- 
hood pastime. Alicia Stokes and Ruby 
Crew entertain themselves on a nice 
fall day in the sand outside of Leake 

Waiting patiently for his turn on Guitar 
Hero, Nathan Chaney watches as 
Wade Pierce jams in Winston Ha 


Dorm Life 


from home 

Fr many students. East Central is their home away from home, and a quick look into any dorm 
room on campus will confirm one fact: these students come in all shapes, sizes, and personality 
types. The neat and the messy, the studious and the not-so-studious, the quiet and the boisterous - these 
opposites and more call ECs dorms home. 

While one jumps right into bed at night, the other must move piles of clothes, papers, and empty 
coke bottles just to find the mattress. One student's motto is "early to bed," while the other interprets 
that as getting to bed at 3 A.M. Some dorm students - primarily the ladies - have carefully coordinated 
bedding and accessories to fit their personalities; others declare that "matchy-matchy" is not for them 
But the opposites don't really matter, in fact, they enhance dorm life and prove that variety t ruly is the 
spice of life. 

Of course, there are the familiar sights and sounds of typical dorm life: studying, laughing and 
talking, watching a bit of TV, playing video games, enjoying a late-night snack, and a little dancing here 
and there. But this fact remains: no matter what differences or similarities ECs dorm students may 
share, they all enjoy that taste of independence that their home away from home gives them 

~ Britni Wright 

Being in the dorm makes 
me do more 
for myself 
because Mom 
isn't here to 

~ Brittany Wilcher 

"Dorm life has made me 
realize how different 
people are. I haven't 

had any problems, and 

I've even become 

brothers with some." 

~ Marico Jones 

"Dorm life has 

allowed me to 

meet many new 

people who have 

become great 


~ Amanda Hines 

Dorm Life 


Homecoming at East Central 
is filled with traditions. Two 
popular traditions are the 
annual bonfire pep ra 
where students can show 
spirit by dancing Warrior style 
around the fire, and the 
colorful displays throughout 
campus that convey the 
Homecoming theme. Below, 
the Skills USA display at 
Tucker Vocational Building 
shows that the Warriors are 
ready to meet the Co-Lin 

Homecoming 2007 was a 
beautiful fall day, and the 
members of the Home- 
coming Court - Joy Hayes, 
Briana Edison, Krystal Knight, 
Kendra Sanders, Dru Ander- 
son, Anna Rouse, Jordon 
Patterson, Shonda Marshall, 
and Patience Haynes - were 
equally gorgeous. 

Far Right: Faculty members 
in Cross Hall show Warrior 
spirit with their brightly colored 
Homecoming display. 



s to show the alumni 


what the Wal 
O'Sound has 
~ Candy Eze 




^-^x-- V "S 

M.^^|E^SL J 

.*-- h$ 

S - - —~ i 

, J\i OiV^^I 

«&»*&. -.««®J 


— — 



"Color guard is a 

lot of hard work, 

but events like 


make it all 


-Rachel Oatman 

laying a 
;ix-string' in a 
jarching band 
is definitely 
i first for me. " 
~ Casey Stokes 



As alumni parents, and students arrived at Homecoming 2007, there was no question that 
. "Growing, Caring, Sharing" was the perfect Homecoming theme. 

The fact that East Central Community College had grown was clearly evident to all in attendance. 
They found that campus had changed for the better, and as they renewed old friendships and formed 
new ones, they discovered that even the people had grown in different ways throughout the years. 
Everyone came ready to support the Warriors, displaying that both caring and sharing are characteristic 
of all Warrior fans, young and old. 

Young ladies in gorgeous dresses, guys donning handsome black tuxes, a fantastic band, a crowded 
stadium, and a team ready to give their all made the day complete. Homecoming celebrated the 
growth of EC and gave participants a chance to share memories and make new ones. Current 
students saw a part of the past, alumni got a glimpse of the future, and everyone could say that it was 

nice to come home to "my EC" 

~ Britni Wright 



1. The first Homecoming queen was Frances Thomas Williams 
of Philadelphia, elected during the 1939-1940 Homecoming. 

2. During the early years, the Homecoming queen was 

elected by the football players, and she was escorted by the 

captain of the football team at halftime. 

3. The first Homecoming queens were called "sponsors," and the 

number elected could range from one to three. 

4 Before 1955, girls who were members of the Homecoming 

Court wore suits, carried a bouquet of roses or (±irysanthemums, 

and interestingly, sometimes wore hats. 

5. There are sixty-nine Homecoming queens or football 

sponsors recorded in East Central's history. 

"Homecoming is 
a special game 
- I just wanted 
to get the crowd 
and the team fired up 
for it." 

~ Kenneth Whitfield 

It was an honor to 

represent the 

freshman class 

at Homecoming. 

I had a blast!" 

~ Joy Hayes 

"Being a Homecoming escort 
was fun. It gave me a chance 
to dress up 
and watch the 
game right on 
the field." 

~ Mark Wilson 



Homecoming Queen Dru 
Anderson and the Warrior 
cheerleaders stop for a mo- 
ment to capture a memory 
of Homecoming 2007. Juley 
Taylor enjoyed the day. 
"Cheering at the Homecoming 
game was so much fun!" she 
said "I loved showing my 
school spirit to old and new EC 

Surrounded by members of the 
Warrior defense, this Co-Lin 
running back is stopped after 
a short gain 

Fired up and ready to play, 
Katlan French and Ken Whitfield 
lead the team onto the field. 



Top Ten Beauties 

Brittany White, Beth Alexander, Candi Vance, Kelly Kight, Dekota Anthony, Emily Thrash, Kacy Covert, 

Amber Madison, Erin Slay, Jordan Taylor 

Is my dress straight? Does my hair look good? Do I have lipstick on my teeth? 
For the young ladies, there is so much to think about before taking that walk 
across the stage. They know that though there are many Warrior beauties who 
vie for the title of Most Beautiful only one can walk away with the crown 

But the annual beauty review isn't just a night of beauty and competition; it's 
also a night of friendship and fun Backstage the beaus goof off and have a good 
time. The girls, on the other hand, find a helping hand when they need one 
zipping up their dress or reapplying their makeup. They help each other through 
their nervousness and work together to show the judges true Warrior beauty. 

Top honors in the 2007 pageant went to Emily Thrash and Sam Lewis, but 
each contestant did an outstanding job onstage, showing how beautiful and hand- 
some Warriors can be. The night of Warrior beauty was a success. 

~ Jennifer Sistrunk 

Sam Lewis 


Beauty Review 

MmT Beciutif uP 

Emily Thrash 


Brittany White 


Rick Parks 


Jordan Taylor 


Ryan Monk 


Erin Slay 


Andrew Marshall 


Beauty Review 


On stage, Olivia Scott and Erin Slay flash their best 
smiles as they try to impress the judges. Olivia said 
she really enjoyed being in the beauty review. She 
added, "My favorite part was being able to see all 
the different dresses girls wore. They were abso- 
lutely beautiful." 

Far Right: Intermissions at the pageant featured 
various entertainers. Caleb Frink and Colby Amis 
please with crowd as the judges confer. 

The backstage atmosphere was fun 
and friendly. At right, the beaus - 
Andrew Marshall, Rick Parks, Hunter 
Hayes, Ryan Monk, and Sam Lewis 
- joke and smile as they wait their 
turn on stage. Below, Queena 
Gage and Sharniece McDonald are 
relaxed and ready in the dressing 
room filled with "Good Luck" balloons 
and other "happies." 

~ The first American beauty pageant staged by P.T. Barnum in 1 854, was shut 
down due to public protest. 

~ In 1880, as a part of a summer festival to promote business, Rehoboth Beach. 
Delaware, held the first "Bathing Beauty Pageant." As this pageant became more 
popular, contests became a regular part of the beach life, and other pageants began 
to form including the "Fall Frolic," a pageant held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. 
~ In 1 92 1, the first Miss America Pageant was held under the title "Inter-City 
Beauty Contest." This pageant eventually included preliminary eliminations, an 
evening gown competition musical variety shows, and judging by paneL 
~ Pageants have now become a tradition on college campuses across the country. 
~ Today's Beauty and Beau Pageant at EC was first the Miss ECJC Scholarship 
Pageant. Contestants had to compete in interview, swimsuit, talent and evening 
gown competitions. "Most Beautiful" won a $500 scholarship, competed for the 
Miss Mississippi title, and then performed at the next Beauty and Beau Pageant. 

"I was SO 
nervous, but 

excited, too!" 

Marty Ann Bergin 

"I woul 

have done this if 

Jennifer Sistrunk 

hadn't tricked me into it!" 

~ Andrew Marshall 

Beauty Review 


The typical American 
consumes twenty-six 

Solemn Secret Service agent McClain 
Mullins protects president Drew Gillis 
as he gives Centralette Brooke 
Culpepper a once-in-a-lifetime photo 
opportunity. AAcClain's thoughts: "I 
don't get paid enough for this job." 

Far Right: Slamming the ball through 
the hoop, Mark Wilson shows off his 
skills in the dunking competition. 

26 Haunted House of H 



Hi — a. **■■«? 

Uctober at East Central always brings out the Halloween spirit that lies within every Warrior at the annual Haunted 
House of Hoops. For one night, students and faculty dress up as their favorite characters and enjoy an exciting night 
of basketball games, and delicious food Each year, the Student Body Association organizes the spooky event that is designed 
to showcase ECs upcoming basketball season with a frightful twist. 

This year, the East Central cheerleaders provided hearty laughs when the girls dressed as cops and the boys acted the 
parts of robbers. Joining in the festivities, the Centralettes emerged in their boots and eye patches to bring the essence of 
pirates to life. Not only do EC students join in the fun but children from the community also take part by dressing up in 
costume and collecting candy from students. While costumes were a large part of the fun games were also organized to 
keep the crowd on the tips of their toes. 

In one popular game, two students were selected to "shoot for tuition" Unfortunately, neither student made the shot 
that would' ve gotten their spring semester of classes paid for. Instead they got to enjoy a night of fun and laughs with 
friends. Other exciting games included legendary dunking contests and a coaches' shooting contest that kept the crowd 
entertained The traditional intrasquad basketball games topped off the night. 

Haunted House of Hoops provided an opportunity for the community to come together and take a peak at what EC 
would have to offer in the upcoming basketball season Fun games, costumes, and great food all combined to create a mix of 
lemories that will be remembered by all who took part in this truly "spooktacular" event 

-Shaun Cooper 

Haunted House of Hoops 27 





W' ith hard work and an inbred determination for success, intramural players certainly had the 
opportunity to shine during the 2007-2008 school year. From individual to team sports, participants 
displayed their skills, enjoyed exciting competitioa and had a lot of fun as they did so. 

Throughout the year, EC sported several good teams in a variety of sports, but no other teams rocked 
the campus like the football teams. The fall 2007 season proved to be a thrilling one, and at the season's end 
the two top teams combined players to compete against other state community colleges. 

Their motto was "players making plays," and ECs intramural football team did so as they brought 
home the top honors in the second annual MACJC Flag Football Championship, winning over Jones County 
Junior College 20-19. Player-coach Justin Boone revealed his excitement over the win "It was nice to win 
a state championship because it was the only one that we all have ever won" He distinctly remembered the winning moment as "one 
of the best experiences" he has ever had and added that he and his teammates enjoyed the chance to say, "My EC lets me win 
intramural state championships!" 

Intramural sports at East Central allowed students to showcase their talents and team skills while enjoying the support from 
the community. Everyone wants a chance to shine, and intramural sports at EC gave its students just that. 

~ Shaun Cooper 


"Everything about 
intramural football 
is fun, especially the 
:ompetition. We 
tad a great time beating 
)ther community college 


Drew Crowell 


1 enjoyed playing 

with other guys 

at EC. It was 

great to win ECs 


game, too." 

~ Terell Haynes 

"Intramural football gave 

me something 


to do. I had 

a lot of fun 

this season." 

~ Jonathan Worrell 



Intramural Football 

Flag football was developed 
military bases in the early 
1940's as a recreational sport 
for military personnel. 

Far Left: With protection from teammate Deon 
Hudson, quarterback Stuart Hall has time to 
find his receiver downfield 

As Keith Brown takes the snap, receivers Drew 
Crowell and Jonathan Warrell, members of 
"The Champs," prepare to run their routes. 

East Central's intramural football 
team won the second annual 
MACJC Flag Football Championship 
by edging Jones County 20-19. 
Kneeling: Jonathan Worrell, Ken 
Robinson, Dustin Forsythe, David 
Mart, Drew Crowell, Cody Shaw, 
and Jarrod Holloway Standing: 
Coach Scott Hill, Tyler Walters, 
Jeremy Holmes, Cameron Gates, 
Brent Blackwell, Keith Brown, and 
Justin Boone. Not pictured: Deon 

Eluding opponent Brent Blackwell, 
Ken Robinson scrambles out of the 
pocket and takes the ball down the 

Intramural Football 


Few teams can complete the 
difficult task of moving down 
the field while keeping their 
arms linked in the Amoeba 
Race. However, Caleb Frink, 
Morgan Milling, Kyle Squires, 
Jennifer Sistrunk, and other 
members of "The Ones to 
Bear give it their best shot. 

"Spring Spree 

was a great 

time for us 

to come 

together and 

have a blast!' 

~ Carmen Ezelle 

love everything 
about Spring 
Spree - the 
season, the 
students, the sponsors, the 
games! I wouldn't miss it! 

~ Tony Kinton 

piay once, 

East Central is a one-of-a-kind place, with one-of-a-kind people, and with a one-of-a-kind week 
During this week students just let go and have the time of their lives. Whether they are 
getting spiked in the head with a volleyball dropping eggs on their teammates' heads, eating all the 
crawfish humanly possible (or at least until the crawfish run out!), or even running around with a 
banana under their armpits, students know what matters most - the attitude that WINNING IS NOT 
IMPORTANT! Yes, winning is enjoyed by some like the "Go-Cettas," the champs of Spring Spree 
2007, but for everyone - win or lose - it's the fun that counts. Caitlin Harper expressed it best: The 
competition was fun, but I was only there for a good time!" 

Each year, a slogan prevails, like "It ain't clean... but it's fun" This past Spring Spree slogan 
fits the annual week very well because during the typical Spring Spree, even the biggest "girly-girls" 
get a little dirty during the games. This year's slogan is equally fitting and sums up these one-of-a- 

~ Jennifer Sistrunk 

Spring Spree 31 


At her first Spring Spree, Nichole Ball says the 
crawfish boil was the funnest EC tradition she's 
taken part in! "It was a real mouthful." 

Far Right: While getting a little dizzy, Andy Johnson 
tries to keep up with the rest of his competition in 
the famous bat spin. 


-# ' rftftt 

^H wflfl 


B5a\ ^L l,*^^_ 



jft "x^^5 w 


■ #»< ^ *^ '"-%, 


K.^-3 Bk ,,: 


Getting their attention with his bull 
horn, Joe Killens takes a few min- 
utes to explain to students the 
rules of the next game. 

Courtney Ingram and Caitlin 
Harper look on as teammates 
Morgan Milling and Brittany 
Barfield try to fit in and out of the 
hula hoop without letting go of 
the other's hand. 


Spring Spree 










tf n©* 

"I haven't had 
that much fun 


around since 


school! !" 

~ Leslie Nash 







'let's just 

say things got 

a little wet!" 

~ Tyler McCool 

"Spring Spree is 
one of the best 

memories I have 

at EC with my 


~ Dru Anderson 

at EC wi 

~ Dru Anc 

Spring Spree 


-4M " f -•* 



*■ ,• 

Tyler Walt 




H*W^ c*k Soot Cevtt^o4 yrenoari-Zctkes &pe£lfrk 

- ^ft\jd&At^> vdl^o yo55<z£& e^/iA^av\t oi^a^ra^t<z^r 

- -tl^oexL, \h)l^o 6*v^ lifted cW ^<7£>y<z&te£A h^ h&tl*- 

\ke^<¥&&b '& . . . 

/-WH#V"i5 ^(uzoavb^a, 1BC €> be&t 6ft^e^ct3, oaz£> \a)/^o \h)ovi< 
i^o-^rcA -to 3<A2<3ejzM lv\ c4l -tAw evkde^wov. 

Cru Anderson 
Rfcan Reeves 



Mit. and Mtaa ECOP 

Oassmates describe Tyler Walters as friendly, likeable and down-to-earth. 
These positive qualities undoubtedly led them to elect Tyler as Mr. EGX 
for 2008. The son of Roger and Lisa Walters of Forest, he has been most 
involved on campus as an athlete In his two years at EG he has played 
on both the football and tennis teams and has been active in intramural 
sports as well Tyler is a strong student, too; he is a Dean's List Scholar 
and member of Phi Theta Kappa. He is a goal-oriented young man who 
earned the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest award in scouting. Tyler has 
a positive attitude about life which he gains from his favorite verse, 
Matthew 6:27: "Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his 
life?' He encourages his fellow students not to worry and become stressed 
out He adds, "Do what you can with what you are given live one day 
at a time, and you'll be fine in the end" ■ 

Ttft tfr Wctt r 


Julie Gaines, the daughter of Keith and Rita Gaines of Philadelphia, is 
clearly well-liked and respected by her peers. They elected her freshman 
class president and SBA secretary as a sophomore and she was their 
natural choice for Miss EOOC in 2008. She's known by her classmates 
as an energetic friendly person who is fun to be around and is always 
willing to lend a hand An academically talented and involved student 
Julie has earned the respect of the faculty as well; they named her to the 
2008 Hall of Fame. She is a Dean's List and President's list Scholar 
who is a member of Phi Theta Kappa and is listed in Who's Who Among 
Students in American Junior Colleges. She participates in intramural 
sports and is a member of the varsity tennis team Julie also is a member 
of Warrior Corps, Baptist Student Union Sigma Sigma Mu Tau and the 
Tom-Tom. A person of strong faith, Julie recognizes that all she has 
comes from God She says, "God has given us this wonderful gift of life. 
We should live each day with hope and a purpose." 

Jufie 6atm& 

36 Mr. and Miss ECCC 

Mr.andMissECCC 37 

t4d( of Fcitwe 


Beth is a strong student who has been extremely involved 

in campus activities during her time at East Central. 
Her induction to the 2008 Hall of Fame is well-deserved 

A home school graduate, Beth is the daughter of George and 
Cindy Alexander of Little Rock Her impressive academic 
record includes membership in Phi Theta Kappa selection to 
Velio's Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges and 
the All-USA Academic Team and being named a Dean's List 
Scholar. As a freshman Beth also won the Scholar's Bowl 
Award During her two years at East Central Beth has 
performed with EC's Concert Choir and the EC Players, 
receiving the EC Players Award in 2007. She serves as 
president of Phi Theta Kappa and secretary of the President's 
Council: she also holds membership in Warrior Corps, the 
Tom-Tom, Baptist Student Union and EC Environmental Qub. 
Her strength as a student and her willingness to participate in 
a variety of campus activities make Beth a fitting member of 
the 2008 Hall of Fame. 


Hall of Fame 

M«PP &f F»we 




Dru is a likeable young lady who has a positive attitude 

and is well-respected by her peers. She is an 
exceptional student who has been an asset to this college. 

Dru Anderson is the daughter of Max and Pat Anderson of 
Decatur and a graduate of Newton County High School. A 
President's List Scholar, her other academic honors include 
membership in Phi Theta Kappa, selection to Who's Who 
Among Students in American Junior Colleges, and recognition 
as an All-Scholastic Cheerleader. She is a versatile student who 
performs with Accents and the BSU Praise Team cheers with 
the Warrior cheerleading squad, and plays on the varsity tennis 
team receiving the team's Most Valuable Player Award in 
spring 2007. In her two years at EC Dru's classmates chose 
her to represent them as freshman Homecoming maid, 
Homecoming queen and class favorite. A natural leader, she 
was also elected class vice-president as a freshman and SBA 
president as a sophomore and was named Warrior Corps co- 
president her sophomore year. Dru serves on the President's 
Council and the Baptist Student Union Council and is a member 
of Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Wesley Foundation 
Her career at East Central has clearly been an exceptional one. 

Hall of Fame 


Hotf *f Fault 


Noah is an outgoing student who always has a smile on his face. 

Creative and talented he is a very determined young man 

who excels in academics , athletics, and the performing arts. 

Noah Gook, son of Sidney and Stacy Cook of Hickory is a 
graduate of Newton County High SchooL Noah's strong 
academic record has led to his being named a Dean's List and 
President's List Scholar, a Warrior Scholar/Athlete, and a 
member of Phi Theta Kappa and Who's Who Among Students 
in American Junior Colleges. A talented athlete, he is a member 
of ECs tennis team soccer team and cheerleading squad He 
was chosen Most Improved Cheerleader his sophomore year 
and received the Hustle Award for soccer as a freshman Noah 
is musically talented as well performing in Collegians, Accents, 
Concert Choir, and Chamber Choir. He is also an active member 
of Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Baptist Student Union 
and serves as vice-president of Alpha Alpha Epsilon. 
Maintaining a high GPA and excelling in a wide variety of 
campus activities have made Noah a positive ambassador for 
this college during his career at East Central 

40 Hall of Fame 

rfe// ©r Fount 

jufe is a superb student who is highly motivated 

and extremely conscientious. She is very involved in school activities 

and always goes above and beyond in any task assigned to her. 

Daughter of Keith and Rita Gaines of Philadelphia, Julie Gaines 
is a graduate of Neshoba Gentral High School. She is a Dean's 
List and a President's List Scholar whose academic honors 
also include membership in Phi Tneta Kappa and selection to 
Who's Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges. 
Julie has been recognized as a leader by her peers: she was 
chosen class president as a freshman and Student Body 
Association secretary as a sophomore. She was also honored 
by her classmates as Miss East Gentral Gommunity Gollege 
for 2008. Julie participates in intramural sports and is a 
member of the varsity tennis team Her membership in the 
Warrior Gorps, Baptist Student Union Fellowship of Christian 
Athletes, Sigma Sigma Mu Tau, and the Tom-Tom completes 
what has been an outstanding career at East Gentral Her 
selection to the 2008 Hall of Fame is well-deserved 

Wall of Fame 

Ashley has an outstanding academic record and is an active 

participant in various campus activities. 

She has worked to make a difference at East Central. 

Ashley Henley, daughter of Ken and Kim Henley of Hickory, 
is a home school graduate. Her academic honors include 
recognition as a President's List Scholar, a National Dean's List 
Scholar, a Guistwhite Scholar, and a Coca-Cola Scholar, as well 
as membership in Phi Theta Kappa and selection to Who's 
Who Among Students in American Junior CoUeges. In 
addition Ashley was the winner of both the NFIB Young 
Entrepreneur and the Governor's Initiative for Volunteer 
Excellence Awards. Ashley balances academic success with 
active participation in campus organizations. She is a member 
of EC Environmental Qub, EC Players, Baptist Student Union 
Diamond Girls, and the Wesley Foundation Ashley is also the 
president of EC Business Qub and vice president of scholarship 
for Phi Theta Kappa She also plays on ECs varsity tennis 
team. Ashley is an impressive young woman who has been 
an a.v/-t to this college. 


Hall of Fame 

Waff of Fame 



Jonathan is a very humble individual who has maintained 

a high GPA while being actively involved in campus activities. 

He gives his best in everything he attempts. 

Jonathan Jackson the son of Rita Jackson of Hickory, is a 
graduate of Newton County High School. Jonathan is a Dean's 
List and President's List Scholar and was named to Who's Who 
Among Students in American Junior Colleges. A member of 
Phi Theta Kappa he serves as membership co-chair and was 
selected to the PTK All-Academic Team . Jonathan is a gifted 
musician who plays in both the Wall O'Sound marching band 
and ECs Concert Band, and he has been honored with selection 
to Mississippi Community/Junior Colleges' All-State Band 
Jonathan actively participates in other campus organizations, 
including Mu Alpha Theta Sigma Sigma Mu Tau, Wesley 
Foundation and Warrior Corps. Jonathan is known as a goal- 
oriented individual who has been a success at East Central and 
who will continue to be successful in his future endeavors. 

Hall of Fame 


Cf oaa TiMmmtt* 


Tiffany Thomas 

Emily Thrash 

Calli Cumberland 

Kyle Killens 

Peter Peterson 

Austin Crouthers 

Cortney Miller 

Amber Eaves 

Brookes Mayes 

Dm Anderson 

Trenton Cockrell 

McClain Mullins 

Tyler McCool 

Austin McNair 

44 Class Favorites 

JjJlbB JjJiO 

Wft&A WIta Avntrnq Student* iti Awiw ieeiw Jutttwr CGpfeqeA 

Students are selected for this prestigious honor based on their academic achievement, service to 

the community, leadership in extracurricular activities, and potential for continued success. 

These sophomores join an elite group of students from more than 1 ,400 institutions of higher learning 

in all fifty states, the District of Columbia, and several foreign nations. 

Row 1: Candace Long, Tyler AAcCool, Dollye Packer, Felicia Futch, Pamela Boone, Elaina James, Megan Shoemaker, Amneris Avalos, 
Julie Gaines, Jana Johnson, and Suzanne Henry. Row 2: Trenton Cockrell, Austin McNair, Jonathan Jackson, Nichole Ball, Alex Harris, 
Ashley Henley, Candy Ezell, Maegan Johnston, Brooke White, Courtney Elkins, and Dru Anderson. Row 3: Kenneth Hudson, Keith 
Brown, Carlos Rice, Joseph Cieglo, McClain Mullins, Ryan Reeves, Kiel Higginbotham, Brookes Mayes, Marty Ann Bergin, and Lara 
Burt. Not pictured: Lucy Burns, Tommy Deason, Katherine Taylor, Rebecca Wilbanks, Traci Wilson, Rachel Chappell, Lucretia Fulton, 
Travis Page, Katrina Patie, Brittany White, Whitnee White, Beth Alexander, Joshua Sheehan, Robert Westbrook, Kyle Barrett, Christy 
Ezell, Caitlin Harper, Whitney Knight, Joseph McDonald, Mandy Richardson, Lindsey Stevens, Chelsey Vincent, Richardson Chickaway, 
Noah Cook, Drew Gillis, Leslie Nash, Jack Anderson, Carli O'Steen, Chris Harrison, Amber Eaves, Kelly Kight, Hannah Miles, India 
Curry, Jeff Grimsel, Kimberly Hull, Valerie Johnson, Debbie Lawrence, and Jordan Taylor. 

Who's Who 45 

student Ijody 

Having a leadership role is nothing new to Dm 
Anderson. In fact, she has been a leader for much 
of her life. At Newton County HS, Dru was elected 
both Student Council president and senior class 
president, and in her freshman year at EC, she was 
named vice president of her class. Dru enjoys her 
new leadership role working with the other SBA 
members to organize events for students. She says, 
"We work hard to plan activities for students that 
are different and enjoyable. We want to make EC a 
college where students can learn and have fun!" 



Dru Anderson 


Maegan Johnston 

Vice President 

Julie Gaines 


Brookes Mayes 



SBA Officers 





Austin McNair 


Jordan Taylor 

Vice President 

Kelly Kight 


Amber Eaves 


in £111 


Emily Thrash 


Calli Cumberland 

Vice President 

Candi Vance 


Adrienne Bird 


Class Officers 


Maid of Honor 

Ahhc* RouAe 

Escort: RickParks 

Sophomore Maid 
Patience Hctt/WCA 

Escort: Chauncev Hudson 




tj&mzmmiviq Oueett - D/ru A wf &r ami 

Escort: Ryan Reeves 

Sophomore Maid 

Jfc/rcfow PtittfatWtt 

Escort: Jordan Gilmer 

48 Homecoming Court 

Sophomore Maid 

Shtovida Mom&hdtt 

Escort: Rico Jones 

Freshman Maid 
Jatf Hfttf ca 

Escort: Hunter Hayes 

Freshman Maid 

B/rtftttft EdimVi 

Escort: DarronMaxtion 

Freshman Maid 

Kjnf&t<xt Kniqjkt 

Escort: Mark Wilson 

Freshman Maid 

Kettrf/va Sawt&iA 

Escort: Chris Kelly 
Homecoming Court 49 


Chemistry instructor Peggy Clayton and sophomore pre-nursing major Debbie 
Lawrence have been named East Central's HEADWAE Instructor and Student 
of the Year for 2007-08. This award was established by the Mississippi 
Legislature to honor the academically talented students and faculty members 
of Mississippi's higher education institutions who have made outstanding 
contributions in promoting academic excellence. 

Clayton began her employment at ECCC in August 2004 after serving the 
previous twenty years as a science teacher on the high school level, most 
recently at Southeast Lauderdale High School in Meridian. She received 
numerous honors during her high school teaching career, including her 
induction into the Mississippi Economic Council STAR Teacher Hall of Fame, 
awarded to recipients of STAR Teacher honors for the tenth year Mississippi 
Science Olympiad Outstanding Coach; Mississippi Association of Physicists 
Outstanding Teacher and American Chemical Society Outstanding Teacher 
for Mississippi 

Peqqq CPctiffott Ttdobiz Law/fewee 

Lawrence, a 46-year-old nontraditional student, is a President's List Scholar with a perfect 4.0 grade point average. She is a member of Theta Xi Chapter 
of Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for two-year colleges, and Sigma Sigma Mu Tau, an organization for students interested in medical 
careers. She has also been named to Who's Who Among Students In American Junior Colleges. 


fV/ectP W&PPwtatt 

Head baseball coach Neal 
Holliman was named 
MACJC Baseball Coach of 
the Year for 2007. 
Holliman, in his first 
year as head roach, led 
the Diamond Warriors to 
the MACJC State Championship and a 31-23 record Prior to 
taking over the ECCC program, Holliman served six successful 
years a', an assistant coach at the University of West Alabama. 
: is also a former assistanl to late ECCC brad coach Jamie 
Clark and helped lead the Warriors to the 1998 stair title and 
three appearances in the Region 23 Tournament. 


lite* & 

These outstanding teachers represented East Central at the 

2007 Lamplighter Conference, which recognizes the state's outstanding 

community and junior college instructors: 

Peggy Clayton, chemistry; John Everett, electrical technology 

Debbie Boyd, English: Wendy Moore, associate degree nursing, 

and Sue Ford mathematics. 

Faculty Honors 


CrWt/Ct Bl»Pe/r Cfo/rtatlf F&iqiAAGVt 

Ovid X/ick&iA 

Academic Instructor of the Year for 2007 is Tanya Boler. She has taught for seventeen years, six of those 
at East Central Boler has been recognized before for her excellence as a teacher, she was selected as Star 
Teacher and Good Apple Teacher of the Year at Union High School and represented East Central as a 
Lamplighter. She also is listed in Who's Who Among America's Teachers. A teacher with high academic 
standards, Boler believes that excellent teaching combines those high standards with enthusiasm knowledge, 
and consistency. She says, "I especially enjoy imparting my love for good writing to my students. I want 
them to be good writers and good readers, but most of all I enjoy helping them to become good thinkers." 

Christy Ferguson is East Central's Career-Technical 
Instructor of the Year for 2007. Christy is a graduate of 
Mississippi State University, receiving a bachelor of science 
in office systems and technology and a master of science in 
business technology. Ferguson has taught at EC for over 
eight years and has been honored with several awards, 
including the Horizon Award and the Paragon Award She 
was also chosen to be a Lamplighter and is listed in Who's 
Who Among America's Teachers. Ferguson is part of the 
Phi Beta Lambda Advisory Committee and was previously a 
part of the Phi Theta Kappa Advisory Commitee. She states, 
"I love seeing my students reach their educational goals. I 
also enjoy seeing them succeed in the work place." 

Ovid Yickers has been honored as Humanities Instructor of the Year for 2007. For more 
than forty years, Vickers served as a member of the English faculty. He retired in 1995 
continues to write, speak, and adjunct teach for East Central A folklorist, essayist, 
newspaper columnist, and poet, his articles have appeared in numerous publications. Vickers 
also writes a weekly column for a number of Mississippi newspapers and has been 
honored on three occasions by the Mississippi Press Association for the Best Column in a 
Weekly Newspaper. His poetry is included in two volumes published by the University 
Press of Mississippi. Upon his retirement East Central named the college's fine arts 
complex the Ovid Vickers Fine Arts Center. 

Faculty Honors 51 

ndia Dickerson 




P^ppfe^ of t:o€ft Ce±xtv~(A ave^ /v^o&iz, up of . ■ ■ 

-i^-ialA^i OL&k-rl&pt o(xav3^ "bA£fkvxt&ko»r£> 
-c(&JotejA or -floes (?v\cA /^(y&ctevkJW^ ov~&a)3 
Vz0$ZsC*t Sa€ft Cetfk\T(A . . . 

-oo/vuL. ^V<^A cxA. of Iri&lfi- 5>ol^od - b&tl*- \ooo4 <ty\M wt OO \ooc4 
-^e£iAvn -to 3ol^od o^-te^r \Ja^^3 in -£A^ vexA \s)ovid vtH^lv^a 

P^p-p/e. /)w&~4_s lBo€ft Ceuttv~c4 <tv\. e^dctbA.a ovuA fulflllM^ 3o/^od -to 










The East Central Community College Board of Trustees is the legislative body that keeps life at East GrJ 
moving smoothly. The Board consists of members from the five county area this college primarily serves, a 
those members truly care about the direction that East Central takes from day to day. 

Let's be honest though - how many students know the facts about the Board's duties and influence on everyday b 
as a Warrior? The truth is that students may never know and fully understand exactly what the Board does, but til 
can be assured that the Board and its decisions positively affect every individual on campus. 

Regarding the Board's responsibilities, member Beverly Hart of Union states, "We make sure that we carry out tl 
necessary policies and procedures that best benefit the college - including the staff, the students, and the counties tto 
we serve." "Best benefit" - that is the key phrase. The Board's goal is to move EC in a positive direction, implement™ 
plans and policies that benefit everyone. 

The Board of Trustees 
works in conjunction with the 
college president to make great 
things happen at East Central - 
and they show no signs of 
slowing up soon! 

-Shawn Cooper 

Helping to dedicate the new Bailey 
Stadium, Dr. Lavinia Sparkman 
and Board president Prentiss 
Copeland hold the ribbon for bene- 
factors Bill and Louise Bailey. 


Board of Trustees 

Row 1: Beverly Hart. Union, Lois Cooper, Decatur; Dr. Jimmy Hollmgsworth. Lake; Randal Livingston, Louisville, William Kitchings anc 
Melanie Hartley, Leake County Supt, of Education, both of Carthage; Patsy Clark, Louisville; and Annie Stowers Forest. Row 2; Rebeccc 
Farris, Morton; Harry Kemp of Louisville, Supt., Louisville Municipal School District; Frank McCurdy of Morton, Scott County Supt. a 
Education, Ricky Goldman, Philadelphia, Royce Shaw (Board secretary), Forest; Edsel Cliburn, Union; Prentice Copeland (Board chairman! 
Philadelphia, Jerry Nance, Louisville; and Vernon Crotwell, Morton Row 3: V, C Manning, Philadelphia; Leo Parker, Noxapater; Davie 
Byars Philadelphia, Alan Rhea, Carthage; Ken Pouncey, Decatur; Pat Cleveland, Conehatta; Jerry Smith, Philadelphia; Jack Winsteac 
(Board vice chairmanl, Lawrence: and W. B. Jones, Walnut Grove. Not pictured: Janie Wilbanks and Dr. Kimsey O'Neal Cooper botf 
of Carthage, Bill Thames, Newton, and Delane Hudson, Louisville, 


East Central was the first 

community college to have a 

PhD as president 

-Dr. L O.Todd 

Dr. Phil Sutphin 


ith over seven years of experience as president of East Central Community 
College, Dr. Phil Sutphin continues to lead EC to a bright and innovative 

I ut i ire 

reflection of 
decisions can 
With a 
he works to 

Whether constructing policies for the improvement of the college or showing 

his Warrior pride at pep-rallies. Dr. Sutphin truly enjoys what he does, hi his own 

words, he "basically grew up on a junior college campus," and that influence helped 

shape his goal of becoming involved in community college administration f n fact. 

Dr. Sutphin holds a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, and a doctorate degree - all 

relating to community college teaching and higher education administration. 

Previously serving as East Central's Dean of Instruction and Dean of Students, 

Dr. Sutphin has always worked his hardest for the students of EC. Each 

improvement he oversees - from the renovation of campus facilities to technological 

advancements - is made to ensure that students receive a quality education and 

have a high quality of life on campus. 

When asked about the Wo-He-Lds theme of facts and how that theme can 

relate to his work. Dr. Sutphin put it well: "Data leads to Facts that become 

However, we must be attentive to the interpretation of the data to be sure that the information presented is a true 

the facts. The role of education is helping students analyze information so that the true facts are known and good 

be made to enhance the quality of life." 

goal of helping students reach their full potential in life. Dr. Sutphin truly understands the value of a great education, and 

ensure that every individual that attends East Central receives just that. 

~ Shaun Cooper 















uring any given moment at East Central one can find students learning from highly qualified instrucra 


conversing in the Mall with friends, spending time in the library, eating lunch in the cafeteria or jusl loungjB 
around in the Activity Center. The list of options available to students is virtually endless. To the many students vtl 
take advantage of these amenities each day, life would be very much disrupted if any one were removed from their daffl 

To ensure that such disruptions do not occur, East Central has a dedicated Administrative Council that workj 
around the clock to keep campus life going smoothly from day to day. The Administrative Council consists of tb| 
president, vice presidents, additional administrators, and division chairs that work together to ensure East Centra) 
provides all the necessary tools needed to help students succeed in their goals. 

Life at East Central would not be the same if it were not for the hard work put forth by members of th' 
Administrative Council. Often 
working behind the scenes, the 
Administrative Council is the central 
force that keeps East Central 
moving forward to a bright and 
successful future! 

~ Shaun Cooper 

Roger Whitlock gives Governor 
Haley Barbour a tour of the Inte- 
grated Technology Training Center 
in Choctaw, AAS, a new facet of EC's 
Workforce Development program. 

At the Welcome Back Week picnic, Joe Killens serves 
as emcee, while Mickey Vance and his band enter- 
tain students as they eat. Adminstrators were highly 
visible at EC this year, especially at campus events. 


From an original faculty of just two, the number 

of administrators, faculty, and professional staff 

employed by the college has increased to 128. 


Adminstrative Council 

Dr. Lavinia Sparkman 

Vice President 
for Instruction 

Joe Killens 

Vice President for 
Student Services 

Mickey Vance 

Vice President for 
Business Operations 

Bubby Johnston 

Vice President for 
Public Information 

David Blackledge 

Director of 

David Case 

Director for Technology 

Gene Davis 

Dean of Adult and 
Continuing Education 

Wayne Eason 

Dean of Career-Technical 

Donna Luke 

Director of Admissions, 
Records, and Research 

Betsy Mann 

Dean of Associate 
Degree Nursing 

Terry Underwood 

Athletci Director / 
Head Football Coach 

Roger Whitlock 

Director of Workforce 

Administrative Council 




There is a vast amount of information available in the world today, and with the growing utilixatioi 
of the Internet, it can be difficult to separate the useful from the useless. To combat this problem the search engine 
was developed in order to aid the masses in sorting through the host of information presented Much like a searchj 
engine the instructors of East Central Community College filter through the mass of information available and present 
to students facts that are pertinent and accurate - facts that enhance the student's understanding of a subject. 

Instructors at East Central Community College are some of the best around because they perform many roles. 
Instructors can be found helping students find answers to their class-related questions, in their offices hard at work or 
preparing interesting and thought provoking lessons, or often acting as counselors to anyone who just needs someone 
to talk to. 

However, just like the Internet, there are factors that attempt to hinder the exchange of information betweer 
students and their instructors. Much like the pop-up blockers developed to prevent harmful distractions while using 
the internet. East Central's librarians, accountants, maintenance staff, and cafeteria workers help make sure the educationa 
process runs without interference. Were it not for these respected individuals, the learning process at East Central couk 
not run as smoothly as it does now. 

Together, the instructors and various staff members at East Central make sure that pertinent information is 
relayed to the students in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. Without them there would be no one tc 
ensure the well-being of the many students who pass through East Central in their pursuit of knowledge. 

~ Shaun Cooper 

Micheal Alexander Academic Counselor 

Joe Barrett, Workforce Dev. Coordinator 

Jim Blackburn, Electronic Tech, Instructor 

Vicki Blaylock, Keyboard / Music Instructor 

Len Bobo, Choral Director, Music Instructor 

Mary Boulton, Sociology Instructor 

Maurice Bowie. Mens Basketball Coach 

Deborah Boyd, English Instructor 

Regena Boykin Assistant Director for Technology 

Teresa Boykin, ADN Instructor 

Jared Brownlee, Assistant Director of Bands 

Brenda Carson, Financial Aid Director 

Tom Carson, Music Instructor / 

Director of Bands 

Paige Case, Yearbook Advisor 

irenda Cheatham, Secretary for Student Services 

Chris Clark /York force Dev. Coordinator 

James Clark, Electronic Tech, Instructor 

Peggy Clayton, Chemistry Instructor 

Kelly Guff Computer Network Support 

Tech Instructor 

Sherr/ Craft, Bu'.mevi Office Clerk 


Faculty /Staff 

Clockwise from Left: Joe Johnson shows his students 
what to expect when they dissect a starfish Walnut 
Grove Youth Correctional Facility Chaplain Justin 
Chaney accepts items collected by faculty secretary 
Kathy Sanders, who spearheaded a drive to pro- 
vide Christmas gifts for inmates Natalie Emmons is 
poised and ready to accompany EC's concert choir 



Natalie Emmons performed at Governor 
Haley Barbour's 2008 Inauguration. 

Dr. Phillip Crenshaw, Social Science / 

History Instructor 
Patti Davis, Biology Instructor 
Stella Dickerson Computer Tech. Instructor 
Ann Durham, English Instructor 
Natalie Emmons, Keyboard/Music Instructor 

Romonica Evans, Tech-Prep Career Center 

Director / Student Recruiter 
John Everette, Electrical Tech. Instrustor 
Christy Ferguson, Business Tech. Instructor 
Sue Ford Mathematics Instructor 
Susan Fox-Smith, Psychology Instructor 

Kathy George Early Childhood Ed. Instructor 
Carol Germany, Aministrative Assistant to 

the President 
Conrad Germany, Collision Repair Tech. Instructor 
Norman Gillis Accountant II 
Lisa Gorgas. ADN Instructor 

Christy Gregory Career-Technical Counselor 
Ruth Gregory, Business Tech. Instructor 
Danny Gressett, Machine Shop Tech. Instructor 
Bruce Guraedy Art Instructor / Fine Arts Chair 
Deborah Hammons Computer Science Instructor 

Faculty /Staff 


Lanette Hannah, Counselor 

Kim Hardy Biology Instructor 

Chris Harris Work-Based Learning Coordinator 

Tina Harris Workforce Development Center - 

Basic Skills Specialist 

Ricky Harrison Drafting and Design Tech. Instructor 

Scott Hill Softball Coach 

Neal Holliman. Baseball Coach 

Stacey Hollingsworth. Executive Director - ECCC 

Foundation / Alumni Association 

Wade Hollingsworth Neshoba Business Enterprise 

Center - Technology Counselor 

Roberta Holt, Accounting Instructor 

Neal Hollimanj I 


Wanda Hurley, Economics Instructor 

Judy Hurtt, Business Tech. Instructor 

Dr. Chris Jenkins, Dean of Distance Learning 

Brenda Johnson, Computer Tech. Instructor 

Brenda Johnson, Assistant Dorm Supervisor / 

Gospel Choir Director 

Joe Johnson, Biology Instructor / 

Science Division Chair 

Gerald Jordan, Welding Instructor 

Kate Keenan, Speech Instructor 

Terri Killens, Administrative Assistant to 

the /ice President for Instruction 

Tony Kinton, English Instructor 

Faculty /Staff 

Joseph Knight Workforce Dev. Coordinator 

Sharon LeJeune Biology Instructor 

Lori Luke LPN Instructor 

Fredrick Lyons Carpentry and Cabinet Making 

Polly Mayes Drafting and Design Tech. Instructor 

Ora Mae McAdory Dormitory Supervisor 
Marcus McCool Social Science Instructor 
Linda McKee Career-Technical Secretary 
Maxine McKee, Sociology Instructor 
Maria McLeod, Assistant to the Vice President 
for Public Information 

Dr. Lisa McMillin, Comp. Science Instructor / 

Mathematics-Comp. Science Division Chair 
Lori McMullan Financial Aid Assistant 
Vikki McNair Mathematics Instructor 
Gloria McRae Mathematics Instructor 
William Miles. Physics Instructor 

Derek Pace, Assistant Director for Technology 

Kristie Pilgrim. Surgical Tech. Instructor 
Marcie Pinson, Secretary to Vice-President for 

Student Services 
Kathy Purser Healthcare Education Secretary 
R. T. Purvis, Information Technology 
Technical Specialist 

Faculty /Staff 


Haywood Reeves Mathematics Instructor 

Debra Rigdon Business Office Clerk 

Monica Rigdon Financial Aid Secretary 

Christa Robinson Child Care Attendant 

Kevin Ryals Speech Instructor 

Kathy Sanders Faculty Secretary 

Maudean Sanders Dean of Institutional 


Christy Savell, ADN Instructor 

Carol Shackelford English Instructor / 

Communications Division Chair 

Robert Skipper, Biology Instructor 

Hilda Slaughter Business Office Clerk 

Bill Smith, Women's Basketball Coach 

Emilie Smith, Workforce Development 

Center Secretary 

Katie Sparkman, Coordinator of Learning 

Skills and Testing Center 

Sheila Stamper, Business Office Clerk 

Maxine Sullivan, Dormitory Supervisor 

Vivian Taylor, Library Secretary 

Virgie Thames, Small Business Development 

Center Secretary 

Kenneth Thompson, Mathematics Instructor / 

Soccer Coach 

Laura Thome, Accountant 

Vickie Thome, ADN Skills Lab Coordinator 

Carrie Underwood, Athletic Secretary 

Jeannie Vance, Faculty Secretary 

Martie Vaughn, ADN Instructor 

Blake Warren, Workforce Development Center - 

Productivity Enhancement Lab Trainer 

Ronald Westbrook, Small Business 

Development Center Director 

Lucretia Williams, Workforce Investment 

William Wilson, Heating and Air 

Conditioning Tech, Instructor 

Gail Wood, Assistant Librarian 

Mary Ann Wright, Child Dev. Tech, Instructor 

Sylvia Wright, Mathematics Instructor 

Karen Robertson Yates, Secretary to the Vice 

President for Public Information 


Faculty /Staff 

The talented . . . 

The adventurous . . . 

Vicki Blaylock has performed on stage since 
she was six-years old At the age of 14, she 
sang with the Jackson Symphony Orchestra 
along with Mary Ann Mobley and Gary Collins 
for the annual March of Dimes Telethon 

Len Bobo is an accomplished pianist and 
organist. He accompanied the Arkansas 
Chamber Singers for seventeen years, 
including their performance at Bill Clinton's 
1992 Inaugural Dinner in Washington, D.C. 

^ Though she's not part of EC's music department, surgical 
technology instructor Kristi Pilgrim has been singing since she 
was three, when she performed "I Shall Not Be Moved" in 
church. Since then, she has performed at almost any occasion 
that calls for musical talent. 

^ Sue Ford is a talented math teacher, but she also has a unique 
gift - creating heirloom garments. Ford makes dresses and 
christening gowns, mostly for her three granddaughters 
Maudeen Sanders and Wanda Brackeen share Ford's talent 

Enjoying the outdoors is what Bruce Guraedy 
is all about. He has been trout fishing in 
Colorado and Montana and four-wheeling in 
the Rocky Mountains. On a hunting trip in 
Tennessee, he was attacked by a wild Russian 
boar when his gun misfired. Guraedy escaped 
injury and was able to kill the boar. 

Phillip Crenshaw has completed three 
marathons, a noteworthy accomplishment by 
any standards. He improved his time with 
each race, breaking the four hour mark in his 
last marathon. 

^ It may be crazy to some, but Lynn Selman took the plunge and 
bungee jumped at the beach. Jeff Schuurman went even 
higher, skydiving from 10,500 ft. with a free fall of 5,000 ft. 

•^ Curt Skipper loves drag racing and races when he can He also 
loves the great outdoors,especially enjoys hiking in the Smokies, 
which he says is "as close to heaven as you can get on earth." 

^ Melinda Smith prefers adventure of another kind. She is an avid player 
of the online role-playing game Guild Wars . Smith says, "I love the 
game so much that I allow myself to play it only on weekends — otherwise 
I'd never get anything else done!" Another interesting fact: Smith has 
read The Lord of the Rings at least once each year since 1971 


The widely-travelled . . . 

Kyle James is a veteran of Operation Iraqi 
Freedom III. Stationed in FOB Dogwood, Iraq, 
SSG James served with Co. A 150 th Engineer 
Batallion 155 th SAB Mississippi Army National 
Guard. James says, "Serving my country in 
Iraq is something I am very proud of." 

Ruth Gregory and her husband visited thirteen 
countries when they were stationed overseas. 
A memorable moment was riding a camel at 
the Egyptian pyramids for free. The catch: 
Her husband had to pay $20 to get her off 
the camel! 

■^ Tom Carson was born in Brazil, graduated from high school in 
Naples, Italy, almost got arrested in Russia for taking photos of 
submarines during the Cold War, and acted in the Greek tragedy 
Antigone at the actual ruins in Pompeii when he was 17. And 
interestingly enough, EC's director of bands was never in a 
high school band. 

^ Paige Case says having a spring break birthday is nice. She's 
celebrated her birthday in five countries, including England, 
China, and Taiwan, as well as in seven US states. 

The incredibly unique . . . 

Joe Johnson has eaten a new-born 
hippopotamus roast sandwich. The baby 
hippo was still-born at the Jackson Zoo due 
to strangulation during birth. Johnson's 
professor at USM took it for the skull, and a 
graduate student cooked the flesh. Johnson 
says, "It was one over the best meals of my 
life -very tender!" 

Having children on just any day wouldn't do 
for Sylvia Wright. Her children were born on 
holidays - son Matthew on Christmas day 
and daughter Mallory on Thanksgiving day. 
Even her two step-daughters have holiday 
birthdays - Melissa was born on Halloween 
and Morgan on Thanksgiving day. 

^ Having children in three different decades and two different 
centuries is a rare feat, but it's one that Sherri Cliburn has 
accomplished. Erin and Logan were born in the 1980's, Caroline 
came along in the 90's, and Byars and Molly Catherine joined 
the family in 2000 and 2005. Cliburn's thoughts: "Having five 
children has been quite the adventure!" 

•^ Jared Brownlee's music career almost ended abruptly two 
weeks into 6 th grade band, all because he spit water on the 
wall of the band hall. The head band director thought he was 
being a hoodlum, but he actually spit the water out because it 
tasted so bad Fortunately, the assistant director saved him 
from suspension - and saved his music career as well 

Faculty /Staff 





Next to high school graduation, beginning our freshman year of college was one of the most highly anticipate 
moments in our lives. It was a sign that we have moved on from the world of synchronized tests, dress codes, an 
Saturday schools that we all complained so much about to a world that is laid open to our wants and desires. What beta 
place to begin this next phase in our lives than East Central Community College? 

Standing in line at orientation many of us were teeming with excitement as we realized that we had finally gotti 
to that point in our lives we had been preparing to begin for thirteen years. As the first day of classes came upon us, w<i 
were struck with a wave of nervousness because we did not know what to expect in a world in which we were full} 
responsible for our own decisions. However, when classes began, we were welcomed warmly by both staff ami 
returning students and our fears melted away. 

In addition the high energy festivities of Welcome Back Week introduced us to the excitement of college life anc 
acquainted us with the rest of our East Central family. Time flew by and we adjusted to our newfound freedom th< 
increased class loads, and much greater responsibilities, and activities such as Beauty Pageants, dances, concerts, and clul 
trips helped rescue us from the demands of our academic life. We stayed focused and worked hard to achieve our goals anc 
were rewarded. 

As the year drew to a close and as 
many of us were still searching for that 
perfect balance of work and play, we were 
thankful that East Central was always there 
for us. The exceptional staff and student 
body made East Central our right choice to 
begin the next phase in our lives. 

~ Shaun Cooper 

Composition classes are a must for every 
freshman Sam Lewis, Candi Vance, and 
Joy Hayes dutifully work on rough drafts of 
their persuasive essays. 

Kayla Adcock 

Alyssa Alderman 

Carrie Alexander 

Arielle Apperson 

Markezio Arrington 

Bethany Autry 

Laura Bain 

Candace Barton 

Adrienne Bird 

Lashaunda Bobbelt 

Justin Boone 

Tawanda Boone 



Zach Boswell 

Tremayne Bowie 

Megan Boykin 

Joni Bozeman 

Eric Brown 


Jessica Brown 



Brandon Burkes 


Bridget Burkes 

Freddrick Burks 

Chelsie Burns 

Will Bulls 

Ryan Cannon 

Cecily Carby 

Mindy Carr 

Brandi Carter 

Contains Carter 

Randy Carter 

Colin Carvey 

Kristen Chamblee 

Justin Childs 

Samantha Clark 

Amber Collins 

Shaun Cooper 

Joshua Copes 

Kenyaun Corbin 

Jim Craig 

Derek Crenshaw 

Fatisha Crockett 

Austin Crouthers 

Kasey Crutcher 

Becky Culpepper 

Brooke Culpepper 

Santigous Culpepper 

Calli Cumberland 

Alana Curry 

Brittany Cushman 



Matthew Dempsey 

Ashley Devine 

Josh Dickerson 

Brooke Dove 

Erica Dowell 

Robert Downing 

Antanetta Dubose 

Ashlyn Dunn 

Autumn Durant 

Ki"istina Ealy 

Jasmine Earby 

Shana Easley 

Briana Edison 

Keia Eichelberger 

Andre' Ellis 

Anahi Esqueda 

Manuel Esqueda 

Sonja Evans 

Veronica Evans 
Anna Laurie Ezelle 
Sean Farmer 
James Farmer- 
Jonathan Federick 
Randall Ficklin 

Cory Fitzgerald 

Shardae Foley 

Desmond Forthner 

Ashley Fortune 

Patrick Gaddis 

Shakira Gaddis 

Venessa Gantt 

Aaron Gay lord 

Kevin Gordon 

Sara Goss 

De A ndra Graham 

Jonathan Gray 



-^ n 


\ ^ Ml 

it^ "1 check my 
^| Facebook, do my 
P homework, and 

Ev I -Austin Crouther^ 

"I play some 

spades, and I 

'chill' with my 

'homeboys' and 


-David Bender 

do you 
do in 

"I watch movies, 

play 'Guitar 

Hero,' and hang 

out at the 'yellow 


-Olivia Scott 

"On a normal 
day, I jam out to 
-Andrew Floy 


Top Ten Reality 

TV Shows 

of 2007 

1. America's Next Top Model 

2. Dancing With the Stars 

3. American Idol 

4. Extreme Makeover: Home 


5. Big Brother 

6. MythBusters 
7. Survivor 

8. Paradise Hotel 

9. The Hills 
10. Project Runway 

Top Ten Top-Sellin 
Video Games of 

1. Halo 3 
2. Wii Play with Remote 

3. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 

4. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock 

5. Super Mario Galaxy 

6. Pokemon Diamond 
7. Madden NFL '08 

8. Guitar Hero 2 

9. Assassin's Creed 

10. Mario Party 8 

Top Ten Best- 
Selling Magazines 
of 2007 

1. People 
2. Sports Illustrated 

3. Time 

4. Business Week 

5. American Girl 

6. Better Homes and Gardens 

7. Tv Guide 

8. Martha Stewart Living 

9. Highlights for Children 

10. Maxim 

F/ACT: The Nintendo Wii was the top selling game system of Christmas 2007. 



Daphanie Ha 

Tyler Hansford 

Kristi Hardin 

Derrick Harris 

Andrew Harrison 

Britni Harvey 

Anna Johnson 

Christanna Johnson 

Daniel Johnson 

Georgia Johnson 

Jana Johnson 

Corey Jones 



#*N ^\ 

Kamala Jones 
Marico Jones 
Kyle Keady 
Christopher Dent Kelly 
Matthew Kilpatrick 
Samantha Kinard 

Nakethia King 
Mecedric Kirkland 
Altamisha Lake 
Steven Landrum 
Emilee Lanier 
Brad Latham 

Steven Lewis 
Matt Livingston 
Roderick Lofton 
Eric Long 
Ancarisa Macon 
Emily Malone 



What is HOT at Ed 

-Our girls wear "Apple-Bottom Jeans" while 
showina off their snow boots with the fur. 

-On rainy days, the girls wear their bright 
colored rain boots with their North Face 
jacket to keep them dry! 

-The boys while wearing their baggy jeans 
show off their new "Bathin Apes." 

-On special occasions, our boys wear their 
polo shirts with an under shirt that matches 

-When we feel a little "punk," we throw on 
our "Rocker T's" and our converses! 

-Everywhere we go, we never forget 
our "Stunna Shades." 

-Everywhere you look girls and guys alike 
have their "Sperrys" on all over campus. 

-When our girls feel a little "preppy," they 

put on their long shirt, with tights, finished 

off with their gold jewelry. 

FAOXiOn an average day, student's are dressed in T-shirts and jeans for class. 
At EG you can wear what you want and still be accepted 





"I wear my 


jeans and boots 

with the fur!" 

-Jennifer Wyatt 

^1 £**> 

"What I am 

wearing now- 

Jeans, shirt with 

a collar, and my 


-Tyrune Paty 


is your 




"A T-shirt and 

Jeans is always 

the way I go to 


-Emilee Lanier 

"I'm usually in a 

T-shirt and jeans. 

I like being 

-Samantha Wright 


' * 





Pamela Mangrum 
Aaron Mann 
Tanner Martin 
Jacob Masse \ 
Kristen May 
Alisha McAfee 

Chiquitta McClendon 
Steven McClendon 
Edna McDonald 
Sharniece McDonald 
Alan Mclntyre 
Tuesday McKelvain 

Tatanisha Milsap 

Robert Mingo 
Samuel Mingo 
Tracey Moncrief 
Tray Moncrief 
Ryan Monk 

Travis Moore 
Jason Morris 
Christopher Morrison 
Lachelle Moss 
Schvondia Moss 
Anna Munn 

Megan Munn 
Schondriea Nash 
Matt Naylor 
Latoya Needham 
Mindy Parker 
McKenzie Patrick 

Courtney Patrick 
Kamisha Patrick 
Brittany Peterson 
Kristen Pillsbury 
Peachrich Pouerie 
Caitlin Puckett 



David Pugh 

Franklin Pugh 

James Ratcliff 

Dust) Reed 

Bradley Reynolds 

Brandi Reynolds 

Cierra Robinson 

Kristie Robinson 

Melissa Rowell 

Valarie Ryan 

Aerial Sanders 

April Sanders 

Kendra Sanders 

Melysheaco Savior 

Vieki Sawyer 

George Sciple 

Henry Scott 

imothy Seibel 



Olivia Shaw 
Gloria Simpson 
William Sisson 
Angela Slack 
Caiti Slay 
Charles Sloan 

Jalisa Smith 
Marcus Smith 
Whitney Smith 
Ryan Smyth 
April Strickland 
Evan Summers-Jones 

Marcus Tanner 
Catalina Tarazona 
Bethany Taylor 
Melissa Taylor 
Jerome Thompson 
Emily Thrash 



Dion Tubby 

Angela Valentine 

Rebecca Vivertte 

Matt Wade 

Elizabeth Ann Wade 

Ben Walton 

Riley Walton 

Patrick Walton 

Robert Warren 

Jessica Wash 

Tyrone Waters 

Latashia Watkins 

Rebecca Watkins 

Tia Weaver 

Patricia Webb 

Terriette Weidman 

Anna White 

Chester Whittle 

Julie Wilbanks 

Matt Wildman 

Monique Williams 

Anthony Williams 

Tashia Williamson 

Katessa Willis 

Patricia Wills 

Lacey Wilson 

Lannis Windham 

Krystal Wolverton 

Matt Woods 

Samantha Wright 

Timothy Zetterholm 



"I spend all my 
money on 
-Caitlin Harper 

How do 







W* 4- *- — ,, 

"1 spend all my 


money on 


-Jelessa McDonald 


"1 spent all my 


money on my 
new cell phone." 
-Riley Walton 




Eight Random Things Needed for 

Dorm Survival 

2. Flip Flops or Shower 

3. Plugs, Power Strips, 
and Adapters 

5. Hammer and 

6. Door Hangers with 
Adhesive Backs 

FAOX: In the U.S., for every dollar a person spends on gasoline, appproxiirately 

27 cents of it goes to rav taxes. 








Our past two years (more or less for some) at East Central have been great! We have been through the good, the 
bad. and the ugly, as they say. Through these times, though, we have stuck together as one group known 
as the "sophomores." From writing research papers to those crazy Thursday nights, our experiences at EC will be 
memories that will last for a lifetime. 

Bumping through campus with the music turned up, eating at the grill with your crew by your side, sitting in the 
room trying to make the best of your time- any sophomore can tell you about days like these. Although we have 
worked hard to take care of business, the sophomores' main goal has been to have a good time! We've made the most 
of every moment in what has been for most of us our last year at East Central Many of us started as freshman here, 
and our sophomore year has made us feel a superiority on campus which we may have flaunted 
As the school year ends, we pass on our crowns to this year's freshman! We look toward our future and hope to 
succeed As we put on our gowns, get our diplomas, and throw our caps, we will know that there is none as great 

as EC's Class of 2008! 

~ Britni Wright 

Sophomores led the Lady Warrior bas- 
ketball team to success this season - with 
help from the freshmen, of course! The 
team was featured as "Team of the 
Week" by WTOK in Meridian. 

With great stage presence, Maegan 
Johnston performs with Ac'cents. 



Sophomore beautites Carmen Ezelle 
and Dru Anderson encourage each 
other at the beauty review. 

Random Facts... 

In the year 2000, Pope John Paul II was named an 
honorary Harlem Globetrotter. 

The first cell phone was invented in 1924. 

Walt Disnev was afraid of mice. 

Mr. Rogers was an ordained minister. 

The US national anthem actually has three verses, but 
everyone just knows fhe first one. 

.e average American consumes enougn caneine in 
one year to kil" 

The largest pumpkin on record weighed 377 pounds. 

Delynn Agee 
Jesus Alemun 
Beth Alexander 
Michael Allen 
Dm Anderson 
Lauren Ashley 

Amneris Avalos 
Nichole Ball 
Elizabeth Barney 
Matt Bates 
Carlos Battle 
Marty Ann Bergin 

Ashley Billie 
Brent Blackwell 
Brandon Bolton 
Pamela Boone 
Dianne Boyd 
Monica Boyd 



Jess Brantley 
Yentl Brantley 

Dameon Brown 
Justin Brown 
Keith Brown 

Tenesha Brown 

Lara Burt 

Tiffany Carpenter 

Nicole Chambers 

Valencia Chambers 

Joseph Cieglo 

Christopher Clark 

Carlena Clemmons 

Trenton Cockrell 

Lakaisha Coleman 

Jill Compton 

Coleman Conley 

Measan Cook 

Kayla Coward 

Leann Crapps 

Nellie Crenshaw 

Ruby Crew 

Shauntavien Currie 

Erica Davenport 

Geraldine Deason 

Tommy Deason 

Lee Derrick 

Cherly Dowell 

Andie Easom 

Amber Eaves 

Courtney Elkins 

Dustin Evans 

Karen Evans 

Philip Evans 

Tawayatha Evans 

Candy Ezell 



Jennifer Sistrunk 
Drew Barrymore 

Britni Wright 
Miley Cyrus 

EC Celeb Look-A-Iikes 

Mr. Curt Skipper 
Topher Grace 


Mr. Tony Kinton 
The Monopoly Man 

FA2T: As a child Jim Carrey wore tap shoes to bed just in case his parents needed 

cheering up in the middle of the night. 

Li<;j-lT6, Camera, Action 

"NBA superstar- r ^ 
~\A/h f\ -jri Allen Iverson." 

-Patience Haynes 

I' Wayne- his 
style is like no 


A -Quadarius Wallace 

your | 



'Ryan Reynolds - £■ 

him as my 
inspiration for my 
future comedy!" 

-Andrew Marshall 



Carmen Ezell 

Marvin Flucker 

Terri Franklin 

Katlan French 

Ra" Anthoni Frierson 

Caleb Frink 


Caitlin Harper 
Alexandra Harris 
Jennifer Harris 
Marquis Harris 
Zachary Harris 
Courtney Harvey 


Hunter Hayes 
Andrew Haynes 
Patience Haynes 
Terrell Haynes 
Kimberly Hearn 
Ashlev Henlev 

Mark Hoskins 
Kentoreya Howard 
Gina Howell 
Tiera Hughes 
Ben Ingram 
Mark Ishee 

Jonathan Jackson 
Lectoria Jackson 
Elaina James 
Lorie Jenkins 
Casandra Joe 
Aaron Johnson 



?$$£]£?_ * ^ 

! • 




i ^^H 


"\ want to teach 

children, so I am 

studying to 

become an 



-Yentl Brantley 

"I am furthering 
my education at 
EC to become a 
business adminis- 

-Carlos Rice 

sion are 


"I want to use 

what I have 

learned at EC to 

become a 


-Caleb Frink 

Tm a pre-me 
student studyii 
to become a 

-Connie Savell 

\Vu e.n I (^ v U p... 

Things you may not know about your 

future job... 

During his or her lifetime, the average 
human will grow 590 miles of hair. 

The New York Stock Exchange 
started in a coffee shop. 

Originally, BMW was an airplane engine 

Fdrsensic scientists can determi. 
person's age, sex, and race by a sin< 

i he average salary of a DJ is only 
around $20,000 a year. 

Forty percent of Americans have never 
visited a dentist. 

More than 400,000 U.S. houses still lack 
indoor plumbing. 

Doctors really do carry organs to be 
transplanted in picnic coolers. 

f^AOX: Many junior college students change their majors several times before 

they continue to a senior university. 



Jana Johnson 
Valerie Johnson 
Maegan Johnston 
Amanda Jones 
Heather Jowers 
Doug Kellej 

Shellie Keyes 
Kelly Kight 
Andrew Ladd 
Kayla Latham 
Brett Latimer 
Marcus Lee 

Valerie Lillis 
John Curtis Little 
Candace Long 
Josh Luckett 
Fred Lyons 
Andrew Marshall 

Shonda Marshall 
Brookes Mayes 
Brooklyn Mayo 
Tyler McCool 
Joseph McDonald 
Brewer McGee 

Monika McMahan 
Austin McNair 
Melody McNall 
Tharin McNichols 
Kimberly Miles 
Cortney Miller 

Katie Mills 
Travis Moore 
McClain Mullins 
Leslie Nash 
Brittany Nazary 
Kendrick Nichols 



Carli O'Steen 

Jacqueline Pace 

Dollye Packer 

Connie Parker 

Rick Parks 

Laura Pearson 

Jessica Roberts 

Michael Robertson 

Rebecca Rogers 

Anna Rouse 

Justin Rushing 

Anthony Sanders 

Kimberly Sanders 

Kimbo Scale 

Cody Shaw 

Josh Sheehan 

Crystal Shoemaker 

Jennifer Sistrunk 



Lauren Smith 
Sherri Smith 
Terry Smith 
Kyle Squires 
Gwendolyn Steele 
Quentin Stephens 

Constance Triplett 

Octavius Truman 
Howard Tucker 
Phillip Vines 
Adam Wade 
Tyler Walters 
Marcus Warn si ey 



"I will miss living 

in Leake 
Apartments with 
my best friends." 

-Victoria York 

What will 
you miss 
about EC? 

"Most of all, I will 
miss being so 
close to home 

while in school!" 

-C. J. Crawford 

"I will miss b 
with my frien 
I've met at EC 
over the past two 
-Tenesha Brown 

Erin Warren 

Brittany Wash 

Latrice Waters 

Amanda Weathers 

Robert Westbrook 

Brittany White 

Brooke White 

Kenneth Whitfield 

Dequita Williams 

Shunta Williams 

Missy Williamson 

Clarissa Wilson 

Mark Wilson 

Roxanne Wilson 

Britni Wright 

Jennifer Wyatt 

Kandace Yarbrough 

Kristi Yarbrough 


A6 \Vt Co Oh... 

Victoria York 


"It is not failure when you do not succeed; it is failure when you 

give up."-Christopher Clark 

| "Know that if you live in the dorms, your roommates will become your 

best friends."-Leslie Nash 

'Hope that you do not get the possessed toilet in Leake 
Apartments!"-Britni Wright 

"Beware of the fun-times at the yellow house... You know who 

"Quoting Mickey Rooney, 'You always pass failure on the way to 

SUCCess.'"-Liz Thome 

'Don't just go to school-get an education!"-Tyler Walters 


Tue. \Vi 

\Ve Leave To Our. 


U N DE.R.-CLA56M EN... 

Life is a car, and you are the driver- only you determine 

'If you prank call people, just know, there is a such thing 
as karma !"-Ruby Crew 

'Life is fast! So, slow down and take it easy." -Taylor Weldy 

"Take risks and do not be afraid to fall on your butt... Just hope you got 
enough cushion back there to catch you!" -Carlena Clemmons 

1 1 TsJ is»t I i^J LtTta I lit I li'Kt ft ■ 1 1] I lit km 1 1 ■ I ll kwiVi] 1 it H 9Ti] > ■ SV/9 1 jmt KTi* Vm I it] 1 1 ■ j |Ti 

happy ones. Take advantage of ever opportunity at EC!" -Delynn Agee 

'If you work hard, the hard work will pay off in the end!" -Kyle McDill 






\lws£a-&b '& . . - 

VsroavcM^^ ok ISC 



- a- {AJide^ \Jc"Y^e£\i of aaA\^3e^ offe^r\vi^6> fov €^gA- yvo^aw 

V>roaVa*^^ o*k fcC irtdiu&L 

<^ . 

- cKvi. tw-a-l-ivia. Lihe^c4 n\rt& CkA^sTiCxA^MA- -ti^o^i e^yo5<?£> ^ft\jdertt5 
-to (?- \hXde_, \ravia^ of -toyic^> 

- Z>ye-C\.<Ai^e&( <zOc4 ^av^> fov (A ^ft\je(eiKt^> \tJctl^ cAeAc^red /v^tx-'tOY~3 

- l^(^vkp(^r-o^ e^yevleiAg^ yvo/ided. i^i \l oca&owA oo^r€^f> 

Y'*rOa*ro l *W& 0*i, tzC y^oSid^ ^ftwleytt5 VJctk -tl^ ^(b 

\AtL£££&OY~\l -to ^><2^30/^^ 3<M2<3^f^>fiA /VULJVd&ZV^ Of 50Cie£^ \K>l^i\<^ 

James Jenkins, 
Tony Kinton 



l Lucille Wood has 

ht longer than any 

on in the history of 

sissippi community 


Hoping that the egg inside won't break, Jana 
Johnson, Maegan Johnston, Brooke White, and 
Noah Cook drop it to the ground below in an ex- 
periment in Mr. Billy Miles's physics class. To their 
amazement, the egg remained intact. 

Not wanting to miss anything important, students 
pay close atttention to Mr. Curt Skipper as he 
teaches the morning's biology lesson. 

During her private piano les- 
son, Amber Wall plays while 
Mr. Len Bobo keeps time. 

J.T. Thompson enjoys listening 
to music while drawing in Mr. 
Gurad/s class. When asked 
how he enjoyed art at EC, J.T. 
replied, "If s awesome!" 







[ | 


90 Academics 

-£A^ V^lav^t 

for my students 
to see properties of 
physics at woW ^ 

_ Rillu Miloc r S 

-Billy Miles - 

now - 1 have 
physics in my 

~ Noah Cook 

)like all of the 

academic opportunities 

has to offe^ 

~ Lamar Truman 

rowing up and going to school we have all been told to work our hardest 
so that we will be able to obtain successful paying jobs in the future. 
In our generatioa a person's success is substantially measured by his or her 
financial position. However, financial success does not always ensure life- 
long happiness. Here at East Central the focus is not only placed on the 
financial success of a career, but the happiness that the chosen career brings 
the individual 

East Central has tailored its curriculum so that individuals are able to 
pursue fields that they find both interesting and rewarding to them From 
degrees in Education to degrees in Agriculture, East Central offers a wide 
range of academic majors to satisfy anyone. The specialized degree plans 
prepare an individual for a rigorous academic challenge at any four-year 
university and are helmed as some of the best in practice. 

For those who are not sure of what they want out of life. East Central 

offers inclusive Liberal Arts major courses that explore a wide range if interests 

from the social sciences to criminal justice. The Liberal Arts major helps 

students determine their interests and prepares them 

academically for any major available. 

East Central has a long tradition of encouraging 

students to do what they feel is best for their life - not 


just what makes the most money. For this reason, East 
Central's academic program is one of the strongest 
available because the minds behind it truly had students' 

best interests at heart. 

• Shaun Cooper 

While teaching his World Civilization class about the 
French Revolution and the Reign of Terror, Dr. Phillip 
Crenshaw threatens to cut off Whitney Lott 's head. 

Academics 91 

Capturing palm trees at the beach on canvas, 
Brittany Herrington concentrates to make sure 
she gets her painting just like she wants it. 

Donna Pace from Newton County Regional 
Hospital demonstrates the all-important pro- 
cess of CPR to Lucille Wood's first aid class. 

In Introduction to Computers, 
Sam Wilson learns the basics of 
working in Microsoft Office. .In 
today's society, knowledge of 
computers is a must. 



I love to draw, 

and I try my hardest to do the 

best that I can. 

Drawing helps me express 

my feelings. 

~ Brittany Herrington 

^ o 

Even though Juliana Fulton may be a little nervous, she remains composed 
as she gives her speech. Juliana said, "I came out of the class with a better 
attitude toward public speaking than I had before " 

When Jesse Smith, Director of Personnel for AADOC, comes to visits 
Maxine McKee's classes each year, many students attend. Mr. 
Smith explains the importance of picking one's career and gives 
valuable information about careers in corrections. 



The science classes at 
East Central have been terrific. 

I am a nursing major, and 

think the instructors have really 

prepared me well. 

~ Tyler Hansford 

In EC's new computer lab, Mark Watson and his classmates learn how to 
use Blackboard, a new online avenue for teachers to post assignments 
and other course information. 

In Cross Hall, science teachers display the models made by their students. 
According to Kim Hardy, projects done in 3-D are beneficial to students 
because the 1-D format of a textbook simply does not give students the full 
effect of the organs and systems they are studying. 



In Sharon LeJeune's Anatomy and Physiology Lab, 
Tyler Hansford and Robert Westbrook look deep 
into the human brain. 

Using her laptop, Rebecca Watkins writes her 
persuasive essay in Tony Kinton's English Com- 
position II class Classmates Laura Bain, Autumn 
Durant, and Dekota Anthony write their essays 
the old-fashioned way - on paper. 

Zoology students Erin Warren and 
Tequia Hudson work together to 
dissect a grass-hopper Team- 
work is a big part of participation 
in science labs. 




lat do Business Office Technology, Child Development, 
V V Cosmetology, and Welding all share in common? The fact is, 
these are just a few of the nineteen programs offered within East Central's 
Career and Technical Center. What is special about these highly sought 
after programs is that they prepare the student for immediate entrance 
into the workforce. Each program requires that students acquire their 
skills through first hand experience. 

The Career and Technical Center offers two main types of 
programs. First, there are the career programs that educate students in 
a particular trade. Second, there are the technical programs that give 
students the experience needed to enter the workforce upon completion. 
With these credentials, it is no wonder that many students want to be on 
the rolls for these classes. However, the hands-on experience required for 
these classes makes space very limited. 

Entrance into these programs requires that the student 
successfully complete an entrance exam related to their desired field of 
study, minimum ACT or TABE scores, and for some, just a high school 
diploma Once these requirements have been met, the individuals must 
complete an interview process to determine final 
selections. f 

Students completing these programs have a 
higher chance of obtaining a job in their field of interest 
as a result of the specialized hands-on experience they 
acquire. The Career and Technical Center at East Central 
Community College is a highly sought after institution 
because every program prepares the student for entrance 

into the workforce. 

Shaun Cooper 

Cosmetology student Shaneka Blaylock works hard to 
give her client what she wants. 

imetology is fun. It's a 
great feeling to know that 

what we do can make 
people look and feel better 
about themselve 

-Brooklyn Mayo 

"'vWlways loved to 
draw, so drafting and 
design as a major is ■ 
natural choice for m 

- Amber Wall 

ve being able to 
follow my dreams and 
pursue a career in 

technology at fS 

- David Seward 

96 Career-Technical 

One lightning bolt h 
enough electricity 
to service 200, 00C 

Electrical Technology gives William Smith practice in 
wiring a residential unit. 

In Machine Shop Technology, Justin Rushing pays 
close attention while machining a part on the 
vertical milling machine. 


In EC's new Culinary Arts 
program, Vivita Johnson 
and her classmates 
prepare a poultry dish. 

Hands-on learning lets 
Dustin Moore see the 
principles of electronics at 

Career-Technical 97 

Practicing the basics of design, Drafting and 
Design Technology student Erica Foreman 
freehands a technical sketch. 

Protecting himself with thick gloves and 
safety glasses, welder Tony Hunt focuses 
intently on the task at hand. 

Taking advantage of the varied 
training offered by EC's Heating 
and Air Conditioning Technology 
program, Clint Graham, Chris 
Butler, Dontae Grant, and 
Andrew Jenkins learn to repair 
a microwave. 







East Central has been the perfect 

place to get a start on my career 

plans in architecture. The Drafting 

and Design Technology program 

has helped me so much, and I 

know I'll leave here ready for the 

next level of design. 

~ Erica Foreman 


■ *■-■ 


. c 



fieference^Do Not Remove 
from Bulldlnr 


Practice makes perfect: Collision Repair Technology students Desmond 
Forthner and Jeremy Glover practice welding joints to build their welding 
skills before they tackle actual repairs 

Learning to program is a valuable skill 
in today's world. Computer Technology 
students Marequas Shaw and Paige 
Mixon create a Visual Basic program 





Like everyone else in my family, 

I've always been interested in 

cars. Some people don't see 

learning to repair cars as a 

good fit for women, but being in 

the Automotive Technology 

program has been great for 

me, and I've really enjoyed it. 

~ Ashley Larkin 





"^^""Ufc . 




Inspecting the training computer, Austin Gamblin 
searches for the cause of its malfunction in Computer 
Network Support Technology. 

Business Office Technology students Fallon Judge, 
Caleb AAonk, and Rhea Alexander complete their 
lab assignments for the day 





, about 56% of nurses 
ork in hospitals. Others are 
iployed in private practices 
lublic clinics, public health 
inizations, home healthcare 
services, and other 
Yrekted organizati 

Focused on his "patient," Joshua Warren concentrates 
while making an incision on a mannequin. Surgical 
Technology students often practiced on mannequins 
to gain the skills they needed. 

Christy Gressett carefully places restraints on ADN 
classmate Jennifer Key. 

Using what she has learned 
about performing emergency 
procedures , EMT student 
Jessica Ashley performs a 
endotracheal intubation. 

Rhianna Rhodes gets the 
weight of classmate Akeele 
Smith. Students in the 
Healthcare Assistant program 
practice a variety of skills, even 
simple ones like weighing a 

102 Healthcare Education 

o- l3v~t<^P 

sing an EMT is 

something that I 

have alway c «#nntc 


~ Wesley Stephens 

i LPN program is an 
i enriching and challenging 
xperience that will prepare me 
b reach my goal of becqmin' 

a long-term care nur 

~ Austin Lloyd 

Jknow I am getting 
good preparation for 


. .link about a time when you had to spend time in a hospital get 
J_ medicine at a pharmacy, ride in an ambulance, or undergo surgery. 
Were you treated with compassion? Was the staff knowledgeable and 
competent? Were services performed in a fast yet efficient manner? 
Hopefully, the answer to all of these questions was "yes." A positive 
experience for the patient is the goal of healthcare professionals, and East 
Central's Healthcare Education division is dedicated to producing just 
these kinds of people - caring, compassionate, and competent workers in 
the growing healthcare professions. 

Healthcare Education is fairly new and consists of Associate Degree 
Nursing, EMT/Paramedic Technology, Surgical Technology, Healthcare 
Assistant, and Licensed Practical Nursing programs. Healthcare 
Education was developed in response to Mississippi's "growing need for 
healthcare professionals," says the Dean of Healthcare Education, Betsy 


The highly specialized training that the healthcare students receive 
has aided in the division's rapid growth since its 
creation in 2006. Students who successfully meet the 
program's requirements for graduation have a bright 
future because they are fully prepared to enter the 
workforce or pursue a higher education Not only do 
students learn the skills necessary to treat patients, 
they further learn to work with a compassion and skill 
that is sure to revolutionize the healthcare profession 

~ Shaun Cooper 

LPN student Whitney Crawford practices checking 
blood pressure on classmate Autumn Westbrook. 

Healthcare Education 103 

Playing the patient for the moment, Stacy Svihla cooperates 
as classmate Erica Pope takes her pulse. Both are members 
of EC's Healthcare Assistant program. 

From scrubs to the instruments to the professional atmosphere, 
an actual operating room is recreated as closely as possible 
so that Surgical Technology students can learn to assist 
surgeons with skill and effiency. 

First year ADN students Lance 
Wooten and Sheila Dipuma learn 
how to move a patient with care. 
Classmate Kristi Stapp takes her 
turn as the patient. 



T Z 3| 



Healthcare Education 

I learned a lot by participating in 

the Healthcare Assistant 
program. I love taking care of 

people, and I am excited 

about the opportunities this will 

open up for me. 

~ Erica Pope 

Starting an IV on his trauma victim, Michael Eichelberger 
practices just one of the many emergency procedures 
that EMT's must learn to perform. 

A member of the LPN program, Austin LLoyd 
learns to monitor a patient's intravenous fluids 

Healthcare Education 







\lft^JfcHzt '{£>... 


C/V aC^^O t %A&A£> M30 (A\oa) ^t(A^evd,3 -to . . . 

- c(l3c&Jex~ "£A-e- vk^iAVe^ \oJey \Afct/^M -^l^esn lv\. -ti^e^ 

- a\h)t4^-^A -tl^e^ [AJv^ctev M -t/^e^n- oa -£A<^ \ 0/^- ( o/v^ ^to^r$ 

- -t\A)e^k- -tl^elv [?v~(Av& M P At i l^-eta- ^AoJffio- 

- d&jdoy -petite (A, -tl^Ls ^a^h^t 5ttWW: IWm 

(^/^: u& . . ■ 

-tl^eiv lvttex~<z£ft^> ovuA \<zx?y~v\ \/cAaA^^ ^ocxcA ^ki!l^> v^uyz£&ov~^, $0V life* 




The academic and career-technical 
organizations at ECCC ready students for 
future success. They do so by providing 
knowledge of a specific field or by giving 
students a chance to lead, think, and serve. 
They help students build fundamental skills 
needed to succeed in the workplace and 
give them insight into issues and real-life 
problems they will one day face. Many 
of these organizations also provide a bridge 
into the professional organizations students 
will later join. 

PBL members Dollye Packer, Yasmin Nicks, Renita Willis, Shonda Marshall, Krystle Hard 
April Jim, Sabra Fortenberry, and Tiffany Plummer proudly display "bundles of love" fht 
they made for Care Lodge. Service projects are an important part of PBL activities. 

Sigma Sigma Mu Tau 

Sigma Sigma Mu Tau is an academic 

organization designed to assist 
students who a pursuing a major in a 

medical field. The club presents 

programs on medical opportunities, 

conducts tours of surrounding hospitals, 

and provides its members with 

information from schools concerning 

further medical studies. Advisors are Kim 

Hardy, Patti Davis, and Peggy Clayton. 



Row 1: Courtney Elkins. Julie Gaines, Cheryl Dowell, Brooke White, Maegan Johnston, McClain Mullins Megan Shoemaker and 
Kristian Evans, Row 2: Annie Strohm, Valerie Johnson, Lorie Jenkins, Amber Eaves, Hannah Miles, Amber Madison, Ashley Channel!, 
Candace Griffin, and Peggy Clayton, advisor. Row 3: Advisor Kim Hardy, Candy Ezell. Marty Ann Bergin, Allison Leach, Krystle 
Wolverton, Brittany Germany, Caiti Slay, and Patti Davis, advisor Row 4: Austin Crouthers, Kayla Latham, Bethany Sharp Carli 
O'Steen, Leann Crapps, Edna McDonald, and Kory Culpepper. 

Alpha Alpha Epsilon 

Alpha Alpha Epsilon is an organization 

for students majoring in pre-engineering 

or industrial arts. It stimulates interest in 

these professions and provides the 

opportunity to make further study of 

engineering and industrial arts 

opportunities in allied fields. Advisors are 

Haywood Reeves and Gloria McRae. 

Row 1: Thann McNichols and Jared McElhenney Row 2 Haywood Reeves Noah Cook Heath Street 
and Gloria McRae 

Row 1: kizzy L Miller Jalysa S Hardin Antroy D Gavin Nicole chambers Yentl Brantley, and Anna Rouse 
Row 2: Bridget Burkes, Trent Battle, Candace Barton Caitlin Harper, Jennifer Sistrunk Joseph McDonald 
and Liz Thorne 

Student Education 

SEA , an organization for students preparing 

for careers in education, provides vital 

information on a variety of educational issues 

and gives its members practical experience in 

both teacher-student and teacher-teacher 

relations. Advisor is Lucille Wood. 

Mu Alpha Theta 

Mu Alpha Theta seeks to encourage a 

keener interest in mathematics. The club's 

activities help develop sound scholarship 

in the subject and promote enjoyment of 

mathematics among its members. 

Advisor is Sue Ford. 

Row 1: Brandi Gray, Jennifer Sistrunk, Lucy Burns, Rebecca Watkins Caiti Slay and 
Santigous Culpepper Row 2: Advisor Sue Ford Cindell Hickman James Smith. 
Jonathan Jackson. Alex Harris. Amneris Avalos and Timothy Zetterholm 



East Central Business Club 

East Central Business Club is an organization for 

students interested in business careers. It offers its 

members the opportunity to develop leadership, 

teamwork, and communication skills through 

learning and practicing the principles of free 

enterprise. It provides knowledge vital to 

succeeding in the demanding world of business. 

Advisors are Wanda Hurley and Roberta Holt. 

Row 1: Leslie Hollingsworth, Anna White. Connie Parker. Angela Valentine, and Candace 
Long. Row2: Trever Vaughn, Delynn Agee, Justin Lofton, Carlos Rice, Joseph Cieglo. and 
Ashley Henley. 

Row 1: Altamisha Lake, Rhonda Houston, Amanda Ainsworth, Brooklyn Mayo, Kristi Yarbrough, and Danielle Gaddis. 
Row 2 Shaneka Blaylock, Mellissa Brooke Taylor, Kentoreya Howard, Monica Boyd, Heather Rigby, Krystle Walker, 
Mark McEachern, and Sara Goss. Third Row: Brandi Carter, Mandy Weathers, Mindy Parker, Andre Ellis, Shelby 
Shelley, Kyle Keady, Russ Tanner, and Kendall Hoskins. Fourth Row: Doug Osborne, Daniel Steverson, Ryan Smyth, David 
Pugh, Brad Latham, Matthew Wooten, Courtney Stingley, Nathan Wallow, and Daphanie Hall. 

Skills USA 

Skills USA is a national 
organization serving members 
enrolled in training programs 
in technical, skilled, and service 
occupations. The organization 
prepares America's high perfor- 
mance workers by providing 
quality education experiences for 
students in leadership, teamwork 
citizenship and character 
development. Career-technical 
instructors share advising duties. 

While Jeremy Thomas is ready to serve when needed, Mindy Parker 
helps her customer. Each year, Skills USA runs the concession stand at 
Warrior football games as a way to raise funds. 

Skills USA Officers 
.-.- ' rrorl : ectrical Technology), president, Brad Latham (Welding and Cutting), vice 
.'■•' '/ "j/ ; '';-'Of Corpentr/ and Cabinetrnaking), secretary; and Logan McDonald 
olog/l parliamentarian 



Association of Student Nurses - East Central 

ASNEC is a constituent otthe National Student Nurses' Association, Inc. (NSNA). The organization promotes and 

encourages participation in community affairs and activities toward improved health care and related social issues. It also serves 

to influence healthcare and practice through legislative activities. Advisors are Nan Anderson and Christy Savell. 

First Year ASNEC Students 

Row 1: Kim Traxler, Cindy Payne, Chosity Yates, Tori 
Williams, Kristi Sharp, Kim Williams. Kristy Chamblee 
Jamie Striding, Tiffanie Credille, Tera Culpepper 
Paige Posey, Jennifer Key, and Stacia Young Row 2; 
Tiffany Quick, Shannon Harrison, Michelle Galloway 
Jessica Dean, Christie Butler, Christy Ezell, Christy 
Gressett, Jennifer Clark Erin Miller, Kemyatta Quails 
Macqualine Martin, and Latrice Spivey. Row 3: Lee 
Blackburn Holly Tullos Rachelle Graham, Cody Pugh, 
Lindsey Little, Amber Reed, Rose Eichelberger, Scott 
Hayman, Doug Kelley Barbara Pitts, Shannon 
Callahan, Tiffany Henson, and Thomas Kennedy 

Second Year ASNEC Students 

Row 1: Stephanie Reeves, Courtney Townsend, Dina 
lampbell, Haley Fisher, Katrina Patie Melissa 
Ferguson, Ellen Taylor. Amantha Roberson Johnna 
Wesley, Ashley Verry, Traci Wilson, Carrie McDonald, 
and Castatina Viverette Row 2: Brian Waltman, Tiah 
York, Tesha Clemons. Jennifer Harris, Rachel Chappell, 
Abby Yates, Lacey Williams, Nichole Land, India Curry, 
Chastity Odom, Sara Bryan, Julie Holley, and Jana 
Sensing Row 3: Daniel Pickett, Brad McKinley, Ashley 
May, Colette Russell, Shelley Wright, Kelsi Abies, Gillian 
Poole, Kristi Ellis Shirley Denton, Sean Self, Toni Langston, 
and DeAna Morrow 

Having a little fun with officer elections, the second-year students 
dress crazy and don shirts that say "Pull for Poole," In front are 
Haley Fisher, Tracy Wilson, and Ashley Berry, Across the back are 
Jillian Poole, who won her race for president, Nicole Land, Johnna 
Wesley, Katrina Patie, Kelsi Abies, Abby Yates, and Chasity Odom 

ASNEC Officers 
Gillian Poole president; Doug 
Kelley. vice-president; India Curry, 
secretary; Kristi Stapp. treasurer: 
and Traci Wilson, reporter 



Phi Beta Lambda 

Phi Beta Lambda is a national professional nonprofit business organization for college students. Active 

involvement in Phi Beta Lambda keeps members current and abreast of trends, issues, challenges, 

and changes within the business world. Advisors are Christy Ferguson and Kelly Cluff. 

Row 1: Marcus Warnsley. Anna White, Carrie Alexander. Tiffany Plummer, Angela Jones. Angela Valentine, Leslie Hollingsworth, Tia Weaver. Vicki Sawyer Row 
2: Felicia Futch, Pamela Boone, Dollye Packer, Britni Wright, Shaun Cooper, Tammy Plaisance, Brooke Barrett, Josh Dickerson, Jonathan Federick Drew Harrison. 
Row 3: Brookes Mayes, Kimberly Hearn, Kristen Alsup, Katie Anthony, Kristi Atkins, Joni Bozeman, Lolita Jordan, Sharonda Moore, Evan Summers-Jones. Row 
4: Leslie Nash, Terry Smith, Brett Latimer, Tyrell Satcher, Carlos Rice, William Cumberland, Delynn Agee, Justin Lofton. 

Phi Beta Lambda Officers 
Leslie Nash, president; Katie 
Anthony, co-historian; Terry Smith, 
vice president; Brookes Mayes, 
secretary; Pamela Boone, treasurer, 
Kristen Alsup, parliamentarian; 
and Felicia Futch, reporter. Not 
pictured is William Cumberland, 

PBL members Kim Edwards and 
Kristen Alsup prepare Christmas 
gifts for delivery to residents of 
Care Lodge in Meridian. 

PBL members attended the state 
leadership conference to com- 
pete in various events. When 
the pressure of competition was 
over, these members treated 
themselves to a late night break- 
fast at IH0P. 



Clowning in front are Britni Wright, Leslie Nash, Shaun Cooper, and 
Laura Pearson. Joining in the picture across the back are Johnathan 
Frederick, Drew Harrison, Josh Dickerson, Dexter McDonald, Brookes 
Mayes, Tyrell Satcher, Jeffrey Davis, and Carlos Rice. 

Phi Theta Kappa 

Phi Theta Kappa is an international 

honorary society of the two-year 

college. It is designed to promote 

scholarship, develop character, and 

cultivate fellowship among 

academically superior students. 

Advisors are Debbie Hammons 

and Bruce Guraedy. 

!ow 1: Hannah Miles, Candy Ezell. Lauren Smith. Crystal Shoemaker. Jana Johnson, and Julie Gaines. Row 2: 
_andace Long. Amneris Avalos, Brittany White, Cheryl Dowell. Lorie Jenkins, Marty Ann Bergin, and Beth Alexander. 
Jow 3: Advisor Bruce Guraedy, Suzanne Henry, Drew Gillis, Joseph Cieglo, Keith Brown. Jonathan Jackson, Carli 
DSteen and Debbie Hammons, advisor. Row 4: Amber Eaves, Kayla Coward, Marcus Lee Kiel Higginbotham, 
ara Burt, Courtney Elkins, Dru Anderson, and Valerie Johnson. 

After putting in hours of hard 
work, Cheryl Dowell, Elaina 
James, and Leslie Nash proudly 
the PTK scrapbook they have 

At PTK's fall induction cer- 
emony, new members hold 
lighted candles as they learn 
the principles and duties of 

Phi Theta Kappa Officers 
Row 1: Suzanne Henry membership Elaina 
James , scrapbook committee, Ashley 
Henley, vice president of scholarship . and 
Joseph Cieglo, vice president of fellowship. 
Row 2: Drew Gillis, vice president of 
service, Cheryl Dowell scrapbook 
committee; Amber Eaves, treasurer: and 
onathan Jackson, membership. Row 3: 
Valerie Johnson, secretary; Delynn Agee, 
vice president of leadership: Leslie Nash 
photographer and Beth Alexander 
president Row 4: Advisors Debbie 
Hammons and Bruce Guraedy 














- :.-; -- ...■■■:;-... ■ 
, ■ .- ._ r ^..,. ....... ...,....,. 





Leadership organizations at East Central help keep the communication between students 

and school officials flowing as they work together on various issues. These organizations provide 

students with valuable opportunities to exercise their leadership skills. 

Students learn to communicate with others, tackle tough issues, and get things done. 

SBA members Amber Eaves, Maegan 
Johnston, Brookes Mayes, and Calli 
Cumberland are dressed and ready to 
welcome students to Haunted House of 
Hoops. Below, president Dru Anderson 
welcomes students back to East Central 
during the Welcome Back Week picnic. SBA 
plans these and other events for students to 
enjoy throughout the year. 

President's Council member Candace 
Long, who serves as co-editor of the 
2008 Wo-He-Lo, gives Dr. Phil Sutphin 
an update on the yearbook's progress. 



Student Body Association 

Composed of student body officers and 

representatives from each class, the SBA plans 

and implements the entertaining activities that 

make life on campus more enjoyable. Members 

also serve as liaisons between their fellow students 

and campus administration. 

Row 1: Dru Anderson president; Maegan Johnston, vice president; Julie Gaines, secretary; Brookes Mayes, 
treasurer; freshman class officers Emily Thrash, president; Colli Cumberland, vice president; Candi Vance 
secretary: and Adrienne Bird, treasurer Row 2: Sophomore class officers Austin McNair president; Jordan 
Taylor, vice president; Kelly Kight, secretary: and Amber Eaves, treasurer. 

Residence Hall Council 

The purpose of this organization is to assist the 

Director of Student Life in supervising the 

dormitories. The residence hall council is made up 

of resident assistants and other at-large members. 

Albert Hunt, Kayla Coward 

President's Council 

The Presidenf s Council establishes better 
communications belween the student 

organizations on campus and the 

Presidenf s office. Members meet with 

Dr. Phil Sutphin and Mr. Joe Killens monthly 

to discuss activities and concerns. 

Row 1: Dr. Phil Sutphin, Beth Alexander, Maegan Johnston. Drew Gillis, and Joe Killens. Row 2: Austin McNair, Emily Thrash 
Yentl Brantley, Candace Long, Dru Anderson, Britni Wright, Brookes Mayes, Annie Strohm and Elaina James, Row 3: 
Delynn Agee, Doug Kelley, Amber Griffin, Evan Smart, Kyle Barrett, Heath Street, and Leslie Nash. 








In years to come, the present students at East Central will wish to look back on their college days 
and relive those moments of opportunity and excitement. The only solid objects they will have 

to remember those times are pictures and written documents. That is why publications 

such as the The Tom-Tom the Wo-He-Lo, East Central's newspaper and yearbook, are crucial 

to students. Through these, students are able to relive those precious memories again and again. 

At right, Chelsey Holland is interviewed for a yearbook 
feature by co-editor Britni Wright. Below, co-editor 
Candace Long proofreads the last set of proofs in order 
to meet the final deadline. For the first time in years, the 
Wo-He-Lo staff had co-editors working to gether to lead 
yearbook produciton. 

Working on the sophomore pages, Gina 
Howell makes sure that each picture is 
properly placed and identified 



Tom-Tom staff member Kylie Rigdon and advisor Kate 
Keenan look at the latest issue of the Tom-Tom and discuss 
plans for an upcoming issue. 

Hours are spent on the computer making sure each page 
is right Jennifer Sistrunk works on a feature found in the 
yearbook's people section. 

Tom-Tom S f 

The rom-fomistheofficial campus 

newspaper. Staff members gain 

valuable experience in journalism as 

they produce six issues a year. 

Row I: Kenneth Trotter, Becky Culpepper, Kylie Rigdon, Andy Anderson, Beth Alexander, and 
Brooke Culpepper, Row 2: Kristie Robinson, Pamela Townsend, Jalisa Smith, April Strickland, and 
Russ Godwin. 

Wo-He-Lo Staff 

The yearbook staff works to 

capture the year through pictures, 

captions, and informative articles. 

The Wo-He-Lo is given to students 

each spring as a record of their 

time at East Central. 

Row 1: Jennifer Sistrunk, Shaun Cooper, staff writer, and Kylie Rigdon Row 2 Co-editor 
Candace Long, Kim Sanders, and Britni Wright, co-editor. Not pictured: Gina Howell. 




Three religious organizations are available on campus for students who wish to fellowship with 
those who share common beliefs. Together they pursue a faith that will be all-important to 
them in the college years. Members share meals, worship, learn, serve, and pray together. 

BSU provides time for both serious Bible study and fun 
fellowship. At right, Courtney Elkins, Dru Anderson, 
Julie Gaines, Kayla Coward, Lara Burt, Suzanne Henry, 
Meagan Cook, Skye Tindall, and Liz Thorne clown 
around one night after Bible study. Below, Jonathan 
Crabtree shares a verse with Josh Smith. 

Tuesday luncheons provide a chance for Wesley 
Foundation members to get good food, fellowship, 
and faith-building lessons. 



Baptist Student Union 

The BSU seeks to help students live the Christian 

life through worship, Bible study, missions, 

conferences, retreats, and personal witness. 

The activities are promoted through the Baptist 

Student Center across the street from campus. 

Director is Scott Vaughn; 

associate director is Joey Lang. 

Row 1: Dru Anderson Kayla Coward, Meagan Cook and Courtney Elk ins. Row 2: Derek Crenshaw Brooke Culpepper 
Noah Cook, Becky Culpepper, Heather Jowers, Josh Smith, Lucy Burns. Ashley Jordan and Bntni Harvey Row 3: T J Bates 
Julie Gaines. Tawoyatha Evans. Kenyana Rivers Rashima Jenkins, T Scott Vaughn (director) Kaleb Rice Row 4: Marcus Lee 
Santigous Culpepper, Victoria York. Chotsani Henderson Katherine Taylor, Carlena Clemmons Patince Haynes and Skye 
Apperson Row 5: Sharla Joyner. Elaina James. Sondreia Hillie Michaela Lee Yentl Brantley, Angela Moore. Aaron 
Morrison, and Bryon Rizzi. Row 6: Josh Moore Suzanne Henry Sam Evans, Marcus Travis Lamario Hopson Josh Ledford 
and Ryan Reeves Row 7: Justin Boone Dimano Parks and Octavius Truman. 

Row 1: Marcus Travis, Whitnee White, Genny Freeman, Shana Easley, Catalina Tarazona, Emily Thrash, Lindsey Stevens, 
and Leah Dennis. Row 2: Jeremy Dillon. Randy Carter, Dustin Alley, Laura Smith, Beau Hannah Derek Crenshaw Erin 
Breland Amy Sharp Matthew Lewis, Lamar Truman, and Kendrick May 

Fellowship of Christian 

FCA is the largest Christian sports 

organization in America. The EC 

chapter conducts regular morning 

prayer breakfasts which allow athletes 

and other students to fellowship and 

share their faith. FCA focuses on 

equipping, empowering, and 

encouraging young people, especially 

athletes, to make a difference for 

Christ. Advisor is Scott Hill. 

Wesley Foundation 

The Wesley Foundation, sponsored by 

the United Methodist Church, is a 

fellowship of college students, 

regardless of denominational 

relationships, desiring to enrich and 

deepen their Christian experiences and 

become more Christ-like through worship, 

Bible study, prayer and service. 

Director is Reverend Johnny Crosby. 

Row I: Dianne A Boyd Dekota Anthony. Maegan Johnston Lauren Smith Megan Shoema)er Latoria Lewis Savannah 
Barksdale, Geraldine Deason Lachelle Moss. Erica Jones, Peachnch Pouerie, Lynie Lacey and Kinoka Leggett Second 
Row: Spencer Spane. Noah Cook, Jared McElhenney, Drew Gillis Caleb Fnnk Matt Naylor McClain Mullins, 
Jonathan Jackson, and Tommy Deason. 



special interest 

Some organizations are difficult to categorize; however, these organizations are vital to East 
Central. They draw together various groups of people who share interests and give them a 
chance to pursue common goals. 

As ambassadors of the college, members 
of Warrior Corps welcomed the then high 
school seniors - now college freshmen as 
they attended EC's Senior Days last spring. 

On a service trip to Lake Okatibbee, Curt Skipper, 
Tim Zetterholm, Tim Siebel, Sandy Penn, Tanika 
Robinson, Caiti Slay, Annie Strohm, and Amanda 
Jones get instruction on planting bulbs from Gary 
Hardin from the Corps of Engineers. 



Diamond Darlings 

Being a Diamond Darling gives girls interested in baseball an 

opportunity to become part of the ECC .C baseball program 

Diamond Darlings provide encoLrogement fa the players and offer 

assistance at home ballgames. Advisor is Katie Sparkman. 

Row 1: Kasey Crutcher, Jennifer Sisfrunk Joy Hayes, Ashley Fortune Row 
2: Olivia Scott, Samanfha Wright. Lauren Lyle Row 3: Caiflin Puckett, 
Lacy McMurray, Whitney Smith, Caitlin Harper Row 4: Ginny Mitchell, 
Santigous Culpepper, Jennifer Wyatt Row 5: Ashley Pigg, Britni Harvey. 
Erica Dowell, and Tiffany Thomas. 

East Central 
Environmental Club 

The purpose of ECEC is to promote environmental 
awareness among its members and the community, to 
promote and encourage recycling, and to become an 

active part of the environmental network and the 
community. To accomplish these goals, ECEC meets 

once a month, either for club business or to collect 

materials for recycling. ECEC also conducts field trips 

throughout the year. Advisors are Joe Johnson, Sharon 

LeJeune, and Kim Hardy. 

iow 1 Advisors • Curt Skipper , Sharon LeJeune, and Joe Johnson. Row 2: Ryan Loper, Amber Eaves, Cheryl Dowell Lorie Jenkins, 
Britni Harvey, India Dickerson, Rebecca Watkins and Sandy Penn Row 3: Melanie Eaves, Nichole Ball, Tanika Robinson, Teresa 
Ibbs, Latasha Watkins, Kolby Sisson, and Annie Strohm Row 4 Tim Siebel Tim Zetterholm, and Caiti Slay 

Warrior Corps 

A/arrior Corps is on elite group 
dt students chosen by a special 
election committee to represent 
East Central with recruiting 
endeavors and special events. 
These students must reflect the 
character and integrity of East 
Central Community College. 

Advisors are Michael 

Alexander, Lanette Hanna, and 

Romonica Evans, 

Row 1: Emily Lanier, Sarah Eakes, Sharla Joyner, Samantha Clark Adrienne Bird, Candi Vance Hailey Walker Elaina James Brandie Davis Emily Thrash, 
Colli Cumberland Joy Hayes, Abby Thomas, and Jalisa Smith Row 2: Kylie Rigdon Anna Laurie Ezelle, Amber Smith, Lindsey Stevens Jana Johnson, 
Meagan Cook, Yentl Brantley, Brittany Germany, Courtney Elkins, Reagan Joyner Ashley Bradford, Ashley Fortune Kasey Crutcher Dru Anderson 
and Chelsey Vincent. Row 3: Amber Eaves Sean Farmer. Julie Gaines, Jonathan Jackson, Beth Alexander Lara Burt Kenzie Gaines, Whitney Smith 
Brookes Mayes, Liz Thorne, Lacey Brewer, Kayla Coward, Valerie Johnson Brittany White, Connie Savell Kimberly Sanders, and Nicole Dunavant, 
Row 4; Beth Ann Wade, Austin Crouthers, Skye Tindall, Anna Johnson, Ashley Henley, Elizabeth Barney Leslie Nash Kristina Ealy. Phillip Vines Kayla 
Ann Fedrick, Hannah Miles, Drew Gillis, Anna Rouse, Austin McNair and Kolby Sisson Not Pictured: Jennifer Sistrunk and Britni Wright 




Members of East Centrals performance groups bring all different kinds of talent to the stage. 
Whether the talent is acting, singing, dancing, or playing an instrument, students in these groups enjoy 
a chance to shine in front of their 
classmates. Behind the scenes, each 
group spends hours of time rehearsing 
for performances. 

Ac'cent members Kyle Barrett and Dru Anderson move to 
the groove of the music at their annual fall performance. 

Striking a pose in If a Man Answers, Jennifer Sistrunk is all smiles 
for the camera. 

EC Players Anna Laurie Ezelle and Tyler Hansford 
get into their roles in the dinner theater production of 
If a Man Answers 



Strumming on his six-string Les Paul, Mr. Carson gets down 
during the Collegians annual Fall concert 



One of the most popular audience-appeal groups at East Central, 

the Collegians perform on campus each spring and fall and take 

advantage of off-campus appearance opportunities as well. Led by 

Tom Carson, who also plays guitar, the select vocal/instrumental 

group performs songs from all elements of top 40 music. 

The ladies of the Collegians, Lana Adkins, Kelly 
Kight, Carmen Ezell, and Jordan Taylor, take 
center stage. 

Seated in front: Drew Gillis and Drew Harrison 

Left side (left to right); Connie Savell. Aaron Mann, 

pears, Dustin Gibbs, Kyle 

Bereft Les e ' lash, Ryan Monk, Brent Cumberland, 

xdGrc Right side (left to rightl: Jordan 

Tell/ Kight, Josh Talbert, 

A/instead, and Carmen Ezell. 

Standing in center: Casey 



Clockwise from Top Left: Kyle Barrett and Casey Stokes get down on their 
guitars. Dressed appropriately, singers Drew Harrison, Nathan Spears, 
Kelly Kight, Lana Adkins, and Carmen Ezell perform a tribute to the Beach 
Boys. Freshmen Drew Harrison and Nathan Spears pause a second to give 
a smile and dialogue with their many cheering fans Giving it his all, Drew 
Harrison hits the high notes perfectly while singing "Home" by Daughtry . 



Counterclockwise from Top Right; Partners Dakato Anthony and Kyle Barrett 
get close as they perform a ballad The theme of the fall concert was 
"Bringing the House Down," and the Ac'cents do just that. Joy Hayes and 
Aaron Mann dance in perfect sync Always the performer, Drew Harrison 
gives the song all he's got. 



The Ac'cents are a select group of students who sing and dance to 

choreographed partner and solo musical numbers. Directed by Vicki 

Blaylock, the ensemble is commonly composed of six males and six 

females. Performances are amazing, with singing, dancing, and a bit of 

acting all mixed together. The Ac'cents perform on-campus events, as 

well as for civic clubs and special events throughout the year. 

Taking it down a notch, Ac'cents members 
harmonize beautifully on a love song. 

Row 1: Drew Harrison and Dakota Anthony 
Row 2: Logan McDonald. Joy Hayes Aaron 
Mann, Emilee Lanier Dru Andreson and Noah 
Cook Row 3: Maegan Johnston and Carmen 
Ezelle. Row 4: Brent Cumberland, Kyle 
Barrett, Ryan Reeves, and Jonathan Crabtree 



This traditionally African-American choir, under the leadership 

of Brenda Johnson, is known for its spirited and uplifting 

gospel performances. In fall 2007, approximately 

70 former voices of the talented group reunited and 

performed a reunion concert before a capacity crowd. 

Gospel choir director 
Brenda Johnson (center) 
poses with a few mem- 
bers of the 2007 reunion 
choir: Austin Floyd, Alex 
Gill, Jonathan Griffin, Lavor 
Robinson, and Malcolm 

Row 1: Latrice Waters, Tiera Hughes, Kayla Nixon, Kelli Nixon, Austin Crouthers, Rhonda Houston, Alvina Slaughter, and Shardae Foley. Row 2: 
Fatisha Crockett, Kellie Sullivan, Santanna Wilson, Amber Griffin, Racheal Day, Kentoreya Howard, Portrie Gaddis, and sponsor Brenda K. Johnson. 
Row 3 Danielle Gaddis, Lakeishia Robinson, Robin Brown, Andrew Haynes, Tyrell Satcher, and Deon Hudson. 


Gospel Choir 

East Central's concert choir, under the direction of Mr. Len Bobo, 

performs four-part choral music of various styles and periods. 

The choir performs a fall and spring concert each year on 

campus and also attends the Mississippi Junior/Community 

College Choral Festival. Accompanist is Natalie Emmons. 

1 ^ 

— ^ 

-« ft-V5— 

— — 

> , . . Tfc 

fS m 

1 . 

ft J5L H z*' 


v f I 





' m ww 1 1 

' JB 

1 ▼ 


f V 

f f 





{Jim. - | 


A Hi mmmmmw. I 

1 mrWwH' 1 






F" 4^r ^L% 

w m n 


1 — 

•" — ■" ■jr* iww,i ^ 


w 1: Len Bobo, director, Rachel Thompson, Beth Alexander, Brandi Ricks, Mark Watson, Tyree Satcher, Dimario Parks, Jonathan Crabtree, Santious 
ilpepper, Alyssa Alderman, Anna Laurie Ezelle, and Natalie Emmons, accompanist Row 2: Angela Moore, Carrie Stokes, Britni Wright, Lucy Burns, Caleb 
>ok, Dexter McDonald, Whitney Lott, Anthony Williams, Jared Hollingsworth, Hillary Rieger, Emilee Lanier, and Sherri Smith. Row 3: Patience Haynes, Caitlin 
ickett, Brittany Tyson, Jaide Horn, Brittany Bobo, McClain Mullins, William Zynosky-Sharpling, Noah Cook, Aaron Johnson, Chelsey Vincent, Meagan Cook, 
zanne Henry, and Nichole Ball. Row 4: Latasha Warren, Tyrra Evans, Cristen Jones, Kristie Robinson, Kyle Barrett, Aaron Mann, Ronnie White, Terry Smith, 
ew Harrison, Logan McDonald, Lee Taylor, Austin Couther, Van Williams, Emily Wynne, Candi Vance, and Erica Unwin 

Concert Choir 





EC Players offers those interested in dramatics the opportunity to participate 

in various types of plays as an actor, student director, or member of the 

behind-the-scenes crew. Each year, the group presents a dinner 

theater in the fall and musical in the spring. The 2007 fall play was 

If a Man Answers. In the Spring of 2008, the EC Players presented Grease. 

Joan Grimes aptly directed both productions. 

As Chantal (Anna Laurie Ezelle) reveals her plan 
to train Gene to Tina (Brookes Mayes), Germaine 
(Erin Tramill), Conchita (Jennifer Sistrunk), and 
Belladonna (Emilee Lanier) listen in. 

If a AAan Answers Cast 

Seated (Floor): \ /lie Rigdon, Emilee Lanier, and Nicole 
/una /ant Seated (Couch): Erin Tramill, Anna Laurie 
' / a /es Standing: Jonathan Federick 
,';■-'•<;■ :■'■■ 1 1 on .</ F/ler Hereford, JB Files. 

o"j "'et 


EC Players 




Scenes from If a Man Answers- Clockwise from Top Left: Robert Swann (J B. 
Files) introduces himself as Chantal's phony lover Chantal Stacey (Anna 
Laurie Ezelle) rewards her husband, Gene Wright (Tyler Hansford), with a 
scratch behind his ear. Europa (Nicole Dunavant), Salome (Kylie Rigdon), 
and a man (Jonathan Federick) chat at Gene and Chantal's party. Germaine 
Stacey (Erin Tramill) assures her husband, John (Aaron Morrison), of her love 
for him. 

EC Players 


The Wall O'Sound Marching Band is made up of musicians joined by the Color Guard, Centralettes, and 

Warrior Drumline. Together they perform during halftime shows at football games and at pep 

rallies throughout the year. The band has previously been voted the top community college marching 

band in the state and never fails to keep the crowds entertained. 

Drum Majors 

(risten Chamblee, Candy Ezell, Calvin Griffin 

Color Guard 

Row 1: Amber Wall, Tashide Williamson, Missy Williamson, Lara Burt, Elizabeth Barney, and Celeste 
Franklin, Row 2: Yentl Brantley, Erin Warren, Rachel Oatman, Crystal Walker, and Tashina Taylor. 
Row 3: DeAndra Gomillion. Wendy Cater, Racheal Day, Sky Apperson, and Monika McMahan. 



armor Urumline 

Kneeling: Corey Sharp, Travis Smallwood, Cassidy 
Byars, Anna Switzer, Justin Weathers, Jonathan 
Crabtree, Skyler Steele, Nathan Spears, Stephen 
Coleman, and Brewer McGee. Standing: Cristen 
Jones, Lucy Burns, Monica Chesney, Casey Stokes, 
Kyle Barrett, Hillary Reiger, Marvin Flucker, Dustin 
Moore, John Bates, and Connie Savell. 


Row 1: Jordan Taylor, Brittany Germany, Marty Ann Bergin, Kelly Kight, 
Courtney Elkins, and Latrice Waters. Row 2: Regan Joyner, Jessica 
Galloway, Candi Vance, Lacy McMurry, Krystal Wolverton, and Carmen 
Ezell. Row 3: Becky Culpepper, Anna Johnson, Lana Adkins, Nicole 
Dunavant, Tiffany Thomas, and Brooke Culpepper 

Wall O'Sound Band 


Providing on-the-field leadership, drum 
majors Calvin Griffin and Candy Ezelle 
direct the Wall O'Sound. 

Always a crowd favorite, the drum line 
provides the perfect rhythm the band 
needs to stay in sync. 



s&k • i§* ^* ' .jit. i, - 

■ -'' fc 

S m^ Mk W 

This bird's-eye view 
shows the Wall 
O'Sound perfectly in 
place. As they play an 
up-beat number, the 
Centraleftes take cen- 
ter stage to wow the 
Homecoming crowd. 


Wall O'Sound Band 




The skillful playing of Victoria York, 
Dwayne Yarbrough, and ofher mem- 
bers of the brass section enhances the 
band's performance 

Adding a splash of color to the band's 
halftime show, Rachel Oatman and the 
rest of the color guard spin their flags as 
the Wall O'Sound plays on. 


Performing during a colder game, 
Centralettes Jordan Taylor, Latrice Waters, 
Carmen Ezell, and Lacy McMurry are still all 

Wall O'Sound Band 


- /a-oa) "to wtovfe- &£> 0- 'teitW 1 -to^Ak^vd &- oo/v^/v^oa a.oo\ 

- -kl^&k. \o»Aa l*-o(Av~5> 0$ l^o^rd \K)ovi<£~ do ^o^i off 

— £A<^ l/v^^ov-tav\o^ of vf^f^k2c4 avioi /i^ewto4 du£>c%dlvtes 

- I^oa) -to l^oNZs f(A\ 1/jA-i/e- dcfo\a [\)yw£ owl* \&Je£> -to do 

\^>0(W%& MVofVCs a- oo\\<uxt\sJes drfov-t -tk&k l^Jiude^ . . • 

- ^A-e* 5(Ayyovt of -tlfi-e-s TOLAS' "tlwk ci^ejzy oa -tl^e^^te^st^ 
— tv^ l^o^vd \hkN r ¥~ tW oo-cY\floe£> /v^o^d^ by o e tlA^Ze£> 

- -tl^e^ aov&tav\fc ev\oo<M~o L -a<zjW~ey& fvow (30tK2l*-e£> 

- -Zlr^j boACWla 0V\o( -ZVXt&t fa/tit ^>et\A)ejZV{ ^tz0Y\^/\AO^te£> 

T>yo*rtz> &£, &0€ft C&xtv~<A u^te^-t^V^o^r^o^ fow4^ 
(W y\roVid<^ -tl*-e-s o^ov-^KMct^l fov oeklAefce£> "to 5^iv\^ dolv^a [AJ^-o^t 




'til the whistle 


'laying football 

for the EC Warriors 

has taught me to 

never give up and to 

keep trying no 

matter what 

- David Brackett, 
Sophomore Linebacker 

With nice form, Derek Crenshaw 
completes another successful punt. 

Although the 2007 Warrior football season was not all Coach Underwood the team, and fans hoped 
. for, no one ever showed a sign of defeat. East Central Warrior's determined spirit kept them playing 
until the whistle blew. 

The 2007 season started off with the Warriors traveling to Scooba to take on their longtime rivals, the 
East Mississippi Lions. It was here the Warriors started their season off right. Despite the day's downpour 
of rain, the Warriors came away with a well-fought victory. Freshmen kicker Derek Crenshaw described his 
debut on the Warrior football team "It was great getting to play in the rain and beating our rivals." 

The remainder of the season consisted of highs and lows. Many games came down to the last quarter 
where mere yards or passes kept the Warriors from victory. This season had its share of high points as welL 
East Central was home to the number one tackier in the state, David Brackett, a sophomore from Philadelphia 
Not only did the Warriors start their season off right; they also completed the season with a strong win, 
defeating Coahoma 32-21. 

EC fans can all be proud of the determination our Warriors displayed in 2007. Wendell Phillips once posed 
the question, "What is defeat? Nothing but education; nothing but the first step to something better." The 
lessons EC Warriors have learned in 2007 are a sign of better things to come. 

~ Kylie Rigdon 


The first football huddle was created 

by a deaf student at GaUaudet University 

in Washington D.C, to prevent the othei 

team from stealing their sign language. 

With determination and effort, Maurice Langston 
dives across the goalline for a TD against 
Coahoma CC in the final game of 2007. 

Football 139 

During his final game at EC, sophomore Deon Williams makes 
a nice gain with the help of good blocking. At right: In the 
season opener, Maurice Langston looks for a gap in the 
EMCC Lions' defense. 


season nonors 


Seated: Ray Frierson, All-Region 23, first team All-State and All-Star; Roosevelt 
Ross, honorable mention J.C. Grid-Wire All-American, All-Region 23 and first 
team All-State: David Brackett, honorable mention J.C. Grid-Wire All-Ameri- 
can, second team All-State; Henry Scott, second team All-State; and Freddie 
Parham, second team All-State Standing: James Jenkins, second team All- 
State; Deon Williams, second team All-State and All-Star; and Marquis Harris, 
Spencer Spane, Jamar Lawrence, and Dameon Brown, All-Stars. Harris, Spane 
Lawrence and Brown also made honorable mention All-State 

2007 Team Awards 

Seated: Fredrick L/ons, Academic Award; Henry Scott, Most Valuable 

Defers /e Lineman; James Jenkins, Most Valuable Offensive Lineman; and Ray 

riersor Most /aluable Defensive Back Standing: David Brackett, Defensive 

air lohn Bailey, Mark Hoskins, and Jamar Lawrence, Warrior 

v d running back Roosevelt Ross, Most Valuable Player and Most 



r J^ 1 


Honorable Mention All-State 

Seated: Dameon Brown, Tarvey Brown, Kendrick May, Travis Robinson 
Spencer Spane, Marquis Harris, Michael Townsend, and Ken Whitfield, 
Standing: Fredrick Lyons, Jamar Lawrence, John Bailey, Chris Ivy, Mark 
Hoskins, Vonzell Jackson, Ken Coleman, Beau Hannah and Derek Crenshaw. 
Not pictured: Guan Lowe, Lamario Hopson, Katlan French, Courtney Shelton, 
Josh Lewis, and Justin Moore. 

140 Football 

With room to run, Freddie 
Parham carries the ball down 
field and prepares to avoid his 
Pearl River opponent. 

Row 1: Cornerback Travis Robinson, free safety Ray Frierson, defensive back Jarvis Wilson, wide receiver Kendrick May, wide receiver Freddie Parham, 
linebacker Vonzell Jackson, quarterback Deon Williams, wide receiver Michael Townsend, linebacker Jamar Lawrence, and running back Roosevelt Ross. 
Row 2: Cornerback Dameon Brown, defensive end Chris Ivey, defensive lineman Ken Whitfield, tight end Spencer Spane wide receiver Katlan French, 
tight end Joshua Williams, quarterback Jacob Massey, tight end Lamarcus Clayton, cornerback Clint Coleman, running back Lamario Hopson, and running 
back Maurice Langston. Row 3: Wide receiver Lamar Truman, cornerback Jorrick Calvin, cornerback Fredrick Lyons, strong safety Ken Coleman wide 
receiver Justin Lenton, free safety Bruce Williams, fullback Marcus Travis, defensive end McKenzie Patrick, linebacker David Brackett, and linebacker Brad 
Ellis. Row 4: Free safety Scott Holiday, strong safety Randy Carter, linebacker Harvey Brown, fullback Courtney Shelton, defensive end Josh Lewis, 
linebacker Anthony McDonald, defensive lineman Mark Hoskins, linebacker Ouardarius Wallace, strong safety Bryon Rizzi, and cornerback Roger 
Thomas. Row 5: Offensive guard James Jenkins, long snapper Will Butts, offensive lineman Ouintin Scott, offensive tackle Terry Sparkman defensive 
lineman Quan Lowe, offensive tackle John Bailey, offensive lineman Marquis Harris, offensive lineman Justin Moore, and offensive guard Robert Gaston. 
Row 6: Offensive lineman Eric Nelson, offensive tackle Matthew Lewis, offensive lineman Jeremy Dillon, offensive lineman Zac Harris, offensive tackle 
Kieandre Jones defensive tackle Randall Ficklin, wide receiver Tremayne Bowie, kicker/punter Beau Hannah, running back Chase Mclntyre kicker/punter 
Derek Crenshaw, and wide receiver Donovan Tate. Row 7: Managers Michael Pientowski and Robert Warren, wide receiver Tyler Walker, defensive 
end LA. Jones, linebacker Colin Carvey. defensive tackle Jasen Fairley, noseguard Lorenzo Wells noseguard Henry Scott, and managers Lurenzo Jones 
and Steven Landrum. Row 8: Head coach Terry Underwood: assistant coaches Steve Cheatham, Fredrick Lyons, Brian Jones, Kyle Watson, James Miller 
and Derrick Quails; and athletic trainer Derrick Jones. 



142 Men's Soccer 

Soccer is the most played 
and watched sport in the world. 

The Southwest CC opponent cannot keep Zachary 
Pillsbury trom moving the ball toward the goal. 

Tie EC soccer Warriors may not have "b-nt it like Beckham" in fall 2007, hut they \iinmhl in 
'tending it like Warriors," playing with a toughness and tenacity that has been characteristic of past 
soccer teams. 

When looking at numbers, the 2007 season left much to be desired . However, when looking at spirit 
and determination nothing was lacking The soccer Warriors put every ounce of sweat and determination 
they had into each game they played 

The team faced a tough competition throughout the season and experienced the difficult early-season 
loss of defender Zach Allen, who missed the majority of the season due to a broken leg. The Warriors also 
experienced a string of opening losses, but they rallied together and gave it their all during a hard-fought 
game against Southwest CC to come away with a well-deserved victory . 

The season continued to be a difficult one for the Warriors, but their determination was evident all the 
same. Coach Kenneth Thompson had this to say: "Our guys worked extremely hard and battled through 
some tough times, and they came out stronger for it. The freshmen who will be sophomores in 2008 will 
help lead us into better times because they have faced adversity and know how to deal with it." He added, 
"Winning cannot always be measured in wins and losses," and the 2007 soccer Warriors were clearly 
evidence of that. With family and fans behind them they never gave up and continued to play hard, 
remaining true winners throughout the season. 

Looking downfield, Jeffery Grimshel 
makes a run to recover the ball. 

• whether we won 
or lost, we always 

were winners at heart. 

We gave our best and 

always played like 


fe^^It like 

~ Jeff Grimshel 
Sophomore Midfielder 

Men's Soccer 


Goalies had the same uniforms as their teammates until 1913 when 
they started wearing different colored shirts. 

Keeping it away from 

her opponents, 

Belinda Woodall dribbles the 

ball down field. 

Allison Leach races to gain control of the 
ball and send it to the goal. 


Women's Soccer 



~\he Lady Soccer Warriors started the season with two disappointing losses, but they soon 
found their fighting spirit during the third game against East Mississippi and took victory on 
Irrior territory. With great effort, the Lady Soccer Warriors continued their season with poise, playing 
h game with grace and determination. 

Throughout the season, the Lady Warriors never let defeat get the best of them. With perseverance 
I their minds set on victory, the Lady Warriors posted two strong shutout victories mid-season and ended 
season with a pair of wins against Southwest GC and Jones County JC. 

The season had many bright spots. The team was one of the top defensive teams in the MACJC, 
er giving up more than five goals in any one game— an accomplishment to be proud of in this divisioa 
ey were ranked in the top of the nation academically for the third year in a row, and the team received 
ly one yellow card all season, earning them the coveted Tom Shepherd Award for Sportsmanship. 

In additioa the team had strong individual play. Megan Munn and Brooke White were leading 

irers in both the state and divisioa White finished her two years at East Central as the Lady Warriors' 

l-time leading scorer, leaving EC with 22 goals and 15 assists. Munn was named All-State, and White 

ide All-Region 23 as the fourth highest vote receiver. 

The Lady Warrior S soccer team understood that it does not always matter who wins and who loses; 
; how one plays the game. The Lady Warriors played the game not only with grace, but power as well- 
owing that girls caa and do, play rough on the field, 
ithor Maxwell Maltz summed it up best: "We find no 
al satisfaction or happiness in life without obstacles to 
nquer and goals to achieve" - two things our Lady Warrior 
ccer team did time and time agaia 

~ Kylie Rigdon 

Warrior soccer was a 

great experience. I 

made many new 

friends that I will never 

forget, and I learned 

many valuable lessons 

that will last a lifet 

- Kimbo Seale 
Sophomore Sweeper 

With the ball under control, 

Megan Munn gets ready to move 

around her opponent. 

With teammate Megan Munn on the move, Chelsey 
Vincent passes her the ball as they advance it down field. 

Women's Soccer 


It's anybody's ball, and Taylor 
Booker and Jeffery Grimshel 
hope to gain control before 
their opponents do so. 

*\>» 1 

/ \ 

# % 


Steadying himself before the kick, Justin Traylor 
prepares to send the ball toward the goal. 

2007 Team Awards 

Seated: Noah Cook, Academic Award; Justin Traylor, Hustle Award; and 
Sam Wilson, Most Valuable Player, Best Offensive Player, and All-State. 
Standing: Josh Moore, team captain and Warrior Award; Sam Lewis, Most 
Improved Player; and Jarrid Hickman, Best Defensive Player. 

Row 1: D //a/ne Furline, Zach Allen, Kevin 
Roney McClain Mullins, and Noah Cook. 
Row 2 /oluteer coach Roy Pete, Sam 
A son, Sam Lewis, Jerrid Hickman Joshua 
■' / oore, Taylor Booker, Patrick Creel, Roni 
and head coach Kenneth Thompson 
Row 3: Kyle Killens, Matt Turner. 
/ "/ ■ any Pillsbury, Jeffery Grimshel, Justin 
Traylor v sys ? assistant Ruby Crew, and 
:tudent trainer Knstina Moore. 






Men's Soccer 


■ v 


Hoping to outrun her Southwest 

opponent, Kristen Pillsbury 

races towards the ball. 

2007 Team Awards 

Seated: Jana Johnson, Academic and Warrior Awards; Skye Tindall Hustle 
Award; and Megan Munn Best Offensive Player and All-State. Standing: 
Brooke White, Most Valuable Player, team captain, and All-Region 23; and 
Kimbo Seale, Best Defensive Player, Not pictured: Meagan Klauck, Most 
Improved Player, and Kaley Ball, honorable mention All-State. 

Lady Warriors 

Recipients of the 2007 MACJC Tom Shepherd Sportsmanship Award 

Row 1: Kacy Covert, Chelsey Vincent 
Brooke White, Megan Munn, Allison 
Gibson and Jana Johnson Row 2: 
Student assistants Ruby Crew and Roni 
Evans, Kenzie Gaines, Skye Tindall, 
Megan Klauk, Sidney Gutierrez, and 
head coach Kenneth Thompson. Row 
3: Kristen Pillsbury, Belinda Woodall 
Kaley Ball, Elizabeth Barney, Kimbo 
Seale, and Catalina Tarazona, 

Women's Soccer 



The first "hoops" were 

actually just peach baskets 

and the backboards were 

made of wire. 

During House of Hoops, Karl Robinson 

passes the basketball to an 

open teammate in the yearly 

intrasquad game. 

All season long, the guys 

played with a lot of heart 

and effort, and they 

displayed how much 

they believed in me and 

their teammates 

~ Maurice Bowie, 
Warrior Head Coach 

The 2007-2008 Warrior basketball team gunnedthe ball up and down the court for every second 
of every game. With determination and agility, they gave their opponents something to sweat 
about. Although their hard work and effort did not award them a seat in post-season play, they did 
however, come out with some gallant victories and much experience under their belts. 

With just as many freshmen as sophomores, the Warriors had a balanced team The freshmen 
learned quickly, and the sophomores showed great leadership skills all season Their record though 
not perfect, showed that the Warriors never gave up without a fight. Many of their loses were only 
a goal or two away from a win. No matter the game's outcome, the Warriors kept their heads up 
and never lost sight of the goaf to play hard and make big plays on both sides of the court. 

Never going more than three games without a win, the Warriors maintained a break-even 
record for most of the season. While a victory against rival MGC was out of reach this season the 
Warriors did clinch victory against some other strong teams, including MS Delta, Gulf Coast and 
Southwest. They even overcame a 20-point deficit to defeat a tough Northeast team 

All in all, players, coaches, and fans had nothing to be ashamed about in 2007-2008, for the EC 
Warriors knew how to gun the ball up and down the court, giving their best in each game. 

~ Kylie Rigdon 


up and down the 


Men's Basketball 

With blazing speed, Josh Luckett easily stays 
a step ahead of his opponent. 

Looking for assistance from his teammate, 
Marico Jones drives toward the goal. 

Row 1: Devarus Walker, Karl Robinson, Des 
V\orales, Justin Brown, and Brandon Shelfon Row 
2: //arico Jones, Rod Lofton, Dre Dickinson, 
V\arq , /Vilson, and Craig Pruitt Row 3: Darron 
V\a/Hon, Josh Luckett, Joe Thompson, and Tony 
Parker Row 4: Head coach Maurice Bowie, 
.. , ; . Qgges Rocell Harper, Cecily Granger, and Brian 
□nt coach Brandon Cornelius. 

Basketball Warriors 


Men's Basketball 

With his sights set on winning, Mark Wilson rebounds 
and prepares for another shot at the goal. 

In a spectacular show, Darron Maxtion slam dunks 
the ball 

Men's Basketball 




Nike says, 'Just do it,' 
and we did it! The 
Lady Warriors set a 
goal and we accom- 
plished it. 
We are the Region 23 

~ Tawayatha Evans 

Posted at the top of the key, 
Tanesha Brown is ready to 
put a play in motion. 

This year's Lady Warrior basketball team definitely had nothing but net They won their 
first nine games and suffered only five loses all season posting a 19-5 regular season record 
and earned entry into post season play. 

With only three returning sophomores, head coach Bill Smith had much work ahead of him 
However, the eleven new freshmen did not disappoint. Coming together and working hard, they 
pushed themselves for every second of every play. The returning sophomores showed great leader- 
ship, and the new freshmen brought spunk and energy to the table needed for capturing sweet 

The ladies knew how please fans and coaches as they pushed their way to success. Displaying 
passion for the game and a drive to win, the Lady Warriors played an exciting style of ball never 
giving their opponents time to rest. The team's hard work and hustle was rewarded with the 
Region 23 championship. Two Lady Warriors made the all-region tournament team, Tawayatha 
Evans and Mystee Dale. 

"Nothing but net" - it's a good way to describe the 2007-2008 Lady Warriors. Their shots 
were right on the mark their defense was tough, and they had the victories to prove it. 

~ Kylie Rigdon 

Looking for an open teammate, Jordon Patterson 
guards the ball as she drives down the court. 


Basketball became an 

official Olympic sport in the 

1936 summer games held in 

Berlin, Germany. 


Women's Basketball 

Surrounded by Holmes defenders, 
Tawayatha Evans is still able to move inside. 

Running past her opponent, Tanesha Brown 
works the ball around the key. 


Women's Basketball 

Outjumping her opponent, Alisha McAfee shows 
nice form as she puts up a jumpshot 

The Lady Warriors are all smiles as they celebrate 
their victory in the Region 23 tournament 

Lady Warriors 

Region 23 Champions 

Row 1: Shoe Coleman, Jaleesa Sanders, 
Courtney James, Rashima Jenkins, and 
Allison Phillips. Row 2: Alisa Matlock, 
Mystee Dale. Tenesha Brown, Alisha 
McAfee, Michaela Lee, and Jordon 
Patterson. Row 3: Coach Bill Smith, 
Carlena Clemmons, Tawayatha Evans, 
Chotsani Henderson, and assistant coach 
Blessing Chekwa. Row 4: Managers 
Cortney Miller, Nicole Williams. Kathrine 
Taylor, and Oueena Gage. 

Women's Basketball 


Kacy Covert and Phillip Vines are 
ready for a Warrior touchdown. 

Megaphones first came 
into play in the 1900s. 

Pom poms didn't hit the 
field until the 1930s. 

At the Homecoming game, Dekota Anthony 
cheers on her Warriors. 

Though some don't really consider cheerleading a sport, they have to admit that it's not the football or 
basketball players doing backhand springs down the field or being tossed sixty feet in the air in front of a 
cheering crowd of fans. ECs cheerleaders do all this and more; they are most definitely the athletes on the 

In 2007-2008. ECs cheer squad could be found on sidelines spiritedly cheering on their team The 
energy given off by these young ladies and men was infectious. No matter the score, the cheerleaders of East 
Central gave fans and team members alike the power to believe the Warriors could pull that last magic play 
out of their helmets, or pockets, to capture that last second win. 

The smiles of EC cheerleaders could be seen throughout the year. They always showed immense 
spirit and energy whether they were getting the Warriors pepped up at a pep rally, doing flips and tumbles 
down the sidelines or across the court, or cheering at the games. Fans and players could always count on the 
those athletes on the sidelines to keep the spirits of everyone Warrior strong. 

—Kylie Rigdon 

Showing her athleticism, 

Anna Munn flies above the 

trees at a pep rally. 

eering at EC gives me 

such a rush! I enjoy 

being at all the games 

and rooting for the team. 

I have grown close to all 

of my fellow cheerleaders 

and will always have 

great memories of 

cheering at EOOQ 

-Anna Munn 

peeling: Elaina James Anna Munn. Kacy Covert, Dm Anderson, Dekota Anthony, 
ily Thrash, Juley Taylor, and Kayla Adcock. Standing: Austin McNair. Daniel 
;verson, Adam Brown, Dustin Evans, Phillip Vines, Matt Naylor, Tavarius Walker. 

nd Noah Cook. 



KX 9' 



Winding up for the pitchjerrell Hendrix 
prepares to throw another strike. 

Waiting at the home plate, Brian Jones 

high-fives Jacob Casey as he scores 

against Scooba Tech. 

Hustling toward home, 

Josh Lafferty rounds third 


To release some tension, Jordan Robinson, 
Josh Denson, and Josh Lafferty enjoy a break 
between innings during a game against MCC. 




iX3^ »B Hie 

1 XLCs Diamond Warriors touched all the bases in spring 2007. They combined strong 
I . defensive play with solid hitting and brought it all together with teamwork and a never-say- 
ie attitude. In post-season play, they not only rallied to beat rival MOC twice, but they also defeated 
rationally ranked Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College to capture the state title. In addition, head 
oach Neal Holliman was named MACJC Baseball Coach of the Year. 

After winning the state championship, the Diamond Warriors advanced to the Region 23 
Tournament and completed their season action with a 31-23 mark, the best record an EC baseball team 
las posted in ten years. Holliman's first season as head coach was a complete turnaround from the 
previous yean he and his staff worked hard to improve facilities and implement a game plan that would 
work at EC. Holliman noted "We told our guys in the beginning that if they would do things our way 
which may not necessarily be the best way for some teams but would be the best way for this team - 
ind if they would all totally believe in it together - that they would succeed, and they did exactly that." 

Pitching staff member Jesus Aleman agreed that the team came together well, especially at 
season's end. He gave perhaps the best description of the 2007 state baseball champions: "This team 
lad the biggest heart of any team I have ever been associated with . . . and they never gave up, no matter 
the circumstances, no matter how big a deficit to overcome." 

While the winning season was a team effort, several players stood out in spring 2007. 
Warriors receiving post-season honors included Terrell Hendrix, Best Offensive Player, Best Defensive 
Player, and Most Valuable Player Joe Patterson Most Valuable 
Pitcher; Josh Sheehan Scholar Athlete Award; Joshua Denson 
Most Improved Player Jordan Robinson Warrior Award, Team 
Captain Award, and Jamie Clark Memorial Award; and Chris 
Parkman Team Captain Award First-team All-State players 
were George Washington and Hendrix; Jesus Aleman Denson, 
Robertson and Patterson were chosen second-team All-State. 
Washington was also named to the All-Region 23 team 

~ Kylie Rigdon 

^There's no doubt 
that God has blessed 

this team in so many 
ways, and that His 

hand was on our team 
and coaching stan? 

~ Neal Holliman, 
Diamond Warrior Head Coach 

Following the banquet, Jesus Alemen 

proudly shows off his 2007 State 

Championship ring. 

Diving back to first base, Chad Gosselin avoids 
being picked off by the MCC pitcher. 




Softball was invented in 1887 as a 

winter version of baseball At the time, 

the sport was played indoors and was 

called "Indoor Baseball" 

With a strong wind-up, Kady 
Chandler sends a strike to the plate. 
Chandler was the Lady Warriors' ace 
on the mound, finishing with 20 wins 
and just 6 losses. 

• mm very proud of our 
entire team, especially our 
sophomores. They did a 
tremendous job for us the 
past two seasons, and we 

will miss them very much. 

~ Scott Hill 
Lady Warrior Head Coach 

Another run scored gives Shenique Brass and 
Chasity Yates something to celebrate. 

Tie East Central Lady Diamond Warriors slid into home in 2007 - many times literally, but certainl 
figuratively. The team finished with another winning record and a third straight MACJC Cento 
Division title, overtaking some of their biggest rivals in the process. Two close losses in post-season play pi 
the state championship out of reach, but the Lady Warriors finished as one of the state's top four communit 
college teams and had no reason to hang their heads at the end of the seasou 

The Lady Diamond Warriors posted a 29-22 record under fourth-year head coach Scott Hill who ha 
nothing but praise for his players. "I am very proud of this year's squad and what it has accomplished," sai 
Hill. 'We started off with an extremely difficult schedule, which may have gotten us prepared for divisio 
play. We played our best softball at the right time and captured the division title." 
Ladies honored at the season's end included Candace Griffin, Jessica Shannon, Tiffany Thomas. Lore 
Kennedy, Amanda Schmidt, and Kayla Mullinax. Team Captain Awards; Lindsey Stevens, Most Improve 
Player Sondreia Hillie, Most Outstanding Defensive Play en and Kady Chandler. Most Outstanding Pitche: 
Schmidt also received the Lady Warrior Award; Kennedy received the Most Outstanding Baserunner an 
Scholar Athlete Awards, and she was named All-Region 23, first team MACJC All-State, and first team Al 
Division, Hillie received first team MACJC All-State and first team All-Division honors, while Chandle 
earned second team MACJC All-State and first team All-Division honors. Whitnee White was named secon 

team All-Division. 


Kylie Rigdon 



After a great defensive * 
play, Loren Kennedy 
and TiffanyThomas 
celebrate with a hug. 

Aftera teammate's homerun, Lady 

Warriors gather at the plate to whoop it 

up -"Warrior style." 

Making it home just ahead of the tag, 

Candace Griffin scores another run for the 

Lady Diamond Warriors. 

With extra bases on her mind, Whitnee 

White swings hard and prepares to head 

down the base path. 



^offa* W>0% 

Rounding third base, Emily Thrash 
recieves a high five from head coach 
Scott Hill on a job well done. 

Row 1: Haley Chipley, Amber Smith, Shana Easley, Lindsey Stevens, Sondreia Hillie, Shenique Brass, and Emily Thrash. 
Row 2: Emily Wooten, Leah Dennis, Allison Phillips, Codee Russell, Erin Breland, Megan Munn, Kristen Pillsbury, Genny 
Freeman, and Drew Crowell. Row 3: Managers Justin Boone and Alex Deason, Nichole Ball, Laura Smith, Amy Sharp, 
Whitnee White, and coaches Tiffany Thomas and Scott Hil 

With a nice backswing, Stephen Poole 
prepares to drive the ball down the 

6At ZO0% 

Ale/ Deason , Kyle Killens, Stephen Poole, Chase Ward, and Daniel Johnson 


Spring Sports 

-®*e*M 160% 

With determination on his face, Robert 
Westbrook prepares to bring the heat. 

Row 1: Luke Walker, Allen Cheek, Brian Jones, Jack Edmondson, Kylie Ming. Terrell Hendrix, ZeEricka Hall Brandon 
Williams. Deon Williams, and Jacob Casey. Row 2: Jared Clark, Timothy Moloney, Clint Coleman. Steven Barnes 

I Gregory Stovall. Kyle Buckley, Josh Lafferty, Robert Westbrook, Mack Creighton. and Chris Parkman. Row 3: Kevin 
Moore, Jesus Aleman. Carey Miller, Daven Willis, Tyler Nicholson; coaches Michael Avalon, Neal Holliman, and 

I Roberto Martinez; and managers Kevin Ripley and Justin Joyner. 

TW^ 100% 

Julie Gaines. Dru Anderson 
Cheryl Dowell, Nichole Ba 
Ashley Henley, and Kylie Rigdon 

Keeping her eye on the 
ball, Kylie Rigdon 
prepares to return a 
backhand to her 

With a nice backswing, 
Matt Wade prepares 
to hit a powerful 

Spring Sports 


t's;i l;ui tli.ii when the school year ends, goodbyes are always the hardest. The freshmen 
will \v 1 1 ic "big dogs" on campus (except for the "super sophomores," of course), and the sophomores 
to bigger places. 

The ycarhxik stai I hopes that you will enjoy looking back at this 2008 edition of the East Central Community College 
Wu lie l.o . We brought the facts together and captured campus life from the first week of school until the final day 
of exams. We hope that you will, take these "Facts of Life" and use them as you progress in life. We wish you the best 
and hope that you accomplish all. your goals and that you never forget you days as a Warrior at "My EG" 

As we continue to the future, we would like to leave with you a piece of the past This piece is ECs Alma Mater 

Dear Alma Mater we sing thy praise 

In sweet remembrance of our college days; 

Comrades and teachers, friends so true, 

We give our love to you; 

Long may we cherish the days spent with thee, 

Happy days of dreams, work and play so carefree; 

Deep in our hearts rest your memories true 

Here's all our love to you. 

And finally, we leave you with a few facts; The gases used in the Echo Satellite were developed by an EC student, 
Richard Mayo. Beverly Oliphant another graduate of EG was the attending physician of the Secretary of State George 
Shultz. We end with these lyrics and facts to show that your days here have been precious and that what you do today 
affects what you do tomorrow. Like so many Warriors who've gone before you can make your mark in this world 
Do something grand, and you will be remembered forever. 

-Biitni Wright and Candace Long 






East Central's Alma 
Mater was written by a 

former East Central 
student, Elizabeth Bustin. 


Mack Creighton, Daven Wlis 

You share your birthday with 
at least 9 million other people 
in the world. 


Right-handed people live, on 
average, nine years longer 
than left-handed people do. 


On average, people fear 

spiders more than they do 


Rosie-Cross Hall's 
Rose Hair Tarantula 

166 Closing 

lie Rigdon 


You burn more calories 

sleeping than you do 

watching television. 


The Tom-Tom was originally 

lil K. I fi 

named the New/sitter. 



Shaun Cooper 

r i 

Fact: [ 

"Electronic mail" was actually 

introduced 32 years ago. In 

1976, Queen Elizabeth sent 

her first e-mail. 

Chelsey Holland 


Kimberly Sanders 


The strongest muscle in the 
body is the tongue. 

Fact: I 

Aspirin was discovered 
uring an experiment with 
toxic wastes. 

Closing 167 


Albert Einstien never 
wore socks! 

Abies. Kelsey 1 1 1 
Adcock, Kayla 15.64. 157 
Adkins. Lana 8. 124. 125. 133 
Agee. Delynn 30. 77. 84. 110. 113. 

1 15 
Ainsworth, Amanda 1 1 
Alderman. Alyssa 64. 129 
Aleman. Jesus 77. 80 
Alemen. Jesus 159 
Alexander. Beth 22. 38. 77. 113. 

115. 117. 121. 129 
Alexander. Carrie 64,112 
Alexander. Michael 58 
Alexander. Rhea 100 
Allen. Michael 77 
Allen. Zach 146 
Alley. Dustin 119 
Amis. Colby 24 
Anderson. Dru 15. 18. 21, 33. 35.,86. 113. 

114. 115. 118. 119. 121. 122, 

127. 156. 157. 163 
Ann. Marty Bergin 108. 133 
Anthony. Dekota 22. 95. 106, 119, 

126. 127. 157 
Apperson, Arielle 64 
Apperson. Skye 119. 133 
Arrington. Markezio 64 
Ashley. Jessica 102 
Ashley. Lauren 77 
Autry. Bethany 64 
Avalos. Amneris 45. 77. 84, 109, 


Bill Gates's house was 

designed by a Macintosh 


Bailey, John 140. 141 

Bain. Laura 64, 95 

Ball. Kaley 147 

Ball. Nichole 11,32,45.77. 

121. 129. 162. 163 
Barfield. Brittany 32 
Barksdale, Savannah 119 
Barnes, Steven 163 
Barney. Elizabeth 77. 121, 133, 

Barrett, Joe 58 
Barrett, Kyle 53. 84. 115, 122. 

124. 125, 126. 127. 129, 

Barton, Candace 64, 109 
Bates. J. T. 119 
Bates, John 133 
Bates, Matt 77 
Battle. Carlos 77 
Battle. Trent 109 
Bender, David 67 
Bergin, Marty Ann 15, 25, 45, 

77. 113, 123 
Billie, Ashley 77 
Bird, Adrienne 47, 64, 115, 121 
Bishop, Richard 98 
Blackburn, Jim 58 
Blackledge, David 57 
Blackwell, Brent 29, 77 
Blaylock, Shaneka 96, 110 
Blaylock. Vicki 58. 60. 63, 166 
Bobbett, Lashaunda 64 
Bobo, Brittany 129 
Bobo, Len 58, 63, 90, 129 
Boler, Tanya 51 
Bolton, Brandon 77 
Booker, Taylor 146 
Boone, Justin 29,64, 119, 162 
Boone, Pamela 45, 77 
Boone, Tawanda 64 
Boswell. Zach 65 
Boulton, Mary 58 
Bowie, Maurice 58, 60, 150 
Bowie, Tremayne 65, 141 
Boyd, Debbie 50, 58 
Boyd, Dianne 77, 119 
Boyd, Monica 77, 110 
Boykin, Megan 65 
Boykin, Regena 58 
Boykin, Teresa 58 
Bozeman, Joni 65 
Brackett, David 140, 141 
Bradford, Ashley 121 
Brantley, Jess 78 
Brantley, Yentl 78, 82, 109, 115, 

1 19, 121, 133 
Brass, Shenique 160, 162 
Breland, Erin 119, 162 
Brewer, Lacey 121 
Brown, Adam 27, 157 

Brown, Chelsea 147 
Brown, Dameon 78. 140. 141 
Brown. Eric 65 
Brown, Harvey 140, 141 
Brown, Jessica 65 
Brown, Justin 78, 150 
Brown, Keith 29. 45. 78, 113, 

Brown, Robin 128 
Brown. Tenesha 26. 78, 86. 154. 

Brownlee, Jared 58 
Buckley, Kyle 10. 163 
Bullock, Parker 10 
Burkes, Brandon 65 
Burkes, Bridget 65, 109 
Burks. Freddrick 65 
Burns, Chelsie 65 
Burns, Lucy 109, 119, 129. 133 
Burt, Celeste 147 
Burt, Lara 45, 78, 113. 118, 

121, 133 
Butler, Chris 98 
Butts, Will 65, 141 
Byars, Cassidy 8, 133 
Byars, David 54 

Coconuts kill more people 
than sharks do! 

Calvin, Jorrick 6, 141 
Cannon, Ryan 65 
Carby, Cecily 65 
Carpenter, Tiffany 78 
Carr, Mindy 65 
Carson, Brenda 58 
Carson, Tom 58, 123 
Carter, Brandi 65, 110 
Carter, Contarus 65 
Carter, Randy 65, 119, 139, 141 
Carvey, Colin 65. 141 
Case, David 57 
Case, Paige 58 
Casey, Jacob 158, 163 
Cater, Wendy 1 33 
Chambers, Nicole 78, 109 
Chambers, Valencia 78 
Chamblee. Kristen 65, 133 
Chandler, Kady 160 
Chancy, Justin 59 
Chancy, Nathan 16 

Channel!, Ashley 108 
Cheatham, Brenda 58 
Cheatham. Steve 139. 141 
Cheek. Allen 163 
Chekwa, Blessing 155 
Chesney, Monica 133 
Childs. Justin 65. 72 
Chipley. Haley 162 
Cieglo, Joseph 45, 78. 85, 110, 

113, 163 
Clark, Chris 58 
Clark. Christopher 78 
Clark, James 58 
Clark, Jared 163 
Clark, Patsy 54 
Clark, Samantha 65. 121 
Clayton, Lamarcus 141 
Clayton, Peggy 50. 58. 108 
Clemmons. Carlena 78. 119. 155 
Cleveland. Pat 54 
Clibura, Edsel 54 
Cluff, Kelly 58 

Cockrell. Trenton 16. 44. 45. 78 
Coleman, Clint 141. 163 
Coleman, Ken 140. 141 
Coleman. Lakaisha 78 
Coleman, Shae 155 
Coleman. Stephen 133 
Collins. Amber 65 
Compton, Jill 78 
Conley. Coleman 78 
Cook, Caleb 129 
Cook, Meagan 78. 84. 118. 119. 

Cook, Noah 40. 81.90. 91. 119. 

127. 129. 146. 157. 163 
Cooper. Lois 54 
Cooper, Shaun 65. 107. 112. 117 

Copeland. Prentice 54 
Copes. Joshua 65 
Corbin. Kenyaun 11. 65 
Cornelius. Brandon 150 
Couther, Austin 129 
Covert, Kacy 22. 147. 156. 157 
Coward. Kayla 78. 113. 115. 118 

119. 121 
Crabtree. Jonathan 8. 118. 127. 

129. 133 
Craft. Sherry 58 
Craig, Jim 65. 69 
Crapps, Leann 78, 108 
Crawford, C.J. 13.86 
Crawford, Whitney 103 
Creel, Patrick 142. 146 
Creighton, Mack 163. 166 
Crenshaw, Derek 65, 119. 138. 

140, 141 
Crenshaw, Dr. Phillip 59. 61. 63. 




Crenshaw, Nellie 78 
Crew, Ruby 6, 16,78, 146 
Crockett, Fatisha 8, 65, 128 
Crotwell, Vernon 54 
Crouthers, Austin 12, 44, 65. 67. 

108, 121, 128 
Crowell, Drew 28. 29, 69, 162 
Crutcher, Kasey 65, 121 

Culpepper, Becky 13, 15. 65. 

117. 119. 133 
Culpepper, Brooke 13, 15, 26, 65, 

117, 119, 133 
Culpepper, Kory 108 
Culpepper, Santigous 65, 109, 

119, 121 
Culpepper, Santious 129 
Cumberland, Brent 124, 127 
'Cumberland, Calli 44. 47. 65. 

114, 115. 121 
Currie, Shauntavien 78 
Curry. Alana 65 
Cushman, Brittany 65 

Dr. John Smith Pemberton, : 

a pharmacist, produced the 

syrup for Coca-Cola. 

Dale. Mystee 154, 155 
Davenport. Erica 78 
Davis, Brandie 121 
Davis, Brian 150 
Davis. Elizabeth 68 
Davis, Gene 57 
Davis, Patti 59. 108 
Day, Racheal 128, 133 
Deason, Alex 162 
Deason, Geraldine 78, 1 19 
Deason, Tommy 78, 119 
Dempsey, Matthew 66 
Dennis, Leah 119, 162 
Denson, Josh 158 
Dent, Christopher Kelly 69 
Derrick. Lee 78 
Devine, Ashley 66 
Dickerson, India 52, 121 
Dickerson, Josh 66. 73 
Dickerson, Stella 59 
Dickinson. Dre 150 
Dillon, Jeremy 119, 141 
Dove, Brooke 66 
Dowell, Cheryl 78, 81, 108, 113. 
121. 163 

Dowell, Eric 30 
Dowell, Erica 16.66.72, 121 
Downing, Robert 66 
Dubose, Antanetta 66 
Dunavant, Nicole 121. 130. 131 

Dunn. Ashlyn 66 
Durant, Autumn 66, 95 
Durham, Ann 59, 61 

Earth is the only planet not 
named after a pagan god. 

Eakes, Sarah 121 

Ealy, Kristina 66. 121 

Earby, Jasmine 66 

Easley. Kristine 147 

Easley, Shana 66. 119. 162 

Easom, Andie 78 

Eason, Wayne 57 

Eaves, Amber 44. 47. 78, 8 1 , 1 08, 

113. 114. 115, 121 
Eaves, Melanie 121 
Edison, Briana 18, 49, 66 
Edmondson. Jack 163 
Eichelberger, Keia 66 
Elkins, Courtney 10, 15, 45, 78. 

84, 108, 113. 118, 119, 121, 

Ellis, Andre" 66. 110 
Ellis. Brad 141 
Emmons, Natalie 59, 129 
Esqueda. Anahi 66 
Esqueda, Manuel 66 
Evans. Dustin 14,78, 156, 157 
Evans, Karen 78 
Evans, Kristian 108 
Evans, Philip 78 
Evans, Romonica 59 
Evans, Sam 1 1 9 
Evans. Sonja 66 
Evans. Tawayatha 78, 80. 119, 

154. 155 
Evans, Tyrra 1 29 
Evans, Veronica 66. 146, 147 
Everette, John 50. 59 
Ezell. Candy 19,45. 78, 108, 

113. 133. 134 
Ezell, Carmen 15,31. 80, 124, 

125, 127. 133, 135 
Ezelle, Anna Laurie 66, 68. 121. 

122, 130. 131 

Feathers stuffed inside a 

leather covering was the 

structure of a gold ball 

made before 1850. 

Fairley. Jasen 141 

Farmer, James 66 

Farmer, Sean 66, 121 

Farris, Rebecca 54 

Federick, Jonathan 66. 73. 130, 

Fedrick, Kayla Ann 12, 121 
Ferguson, Christy 51. 59 
Ficklin, Randall 66, 141 
Files. J. B. 130, 131 
Fisher, Haley 1 1 
Fitzgerald, Cory 66 
Floyd. Andrew 67 
Flucker. Marvin 80. 133 
Foley. Shardae 66, 128 
Ford. Sue 50, 59, 109 
Foreman, Erica 98, 99, 105 
Forsythe, Dustin 29 
Fortenberry, Sabra 108 
Forthner, Desmond 66, 99 
Fortune, Ashley 66, 121 
Foster, Graylon 124 
Fox-Smith, Susan 59, 61 
Franklin, Celeste 133 
Franklin, Terri 80 
Freeman, Genny 10, 119, 162 
French, Katlan21, 80. 140. 141 
Frierson, Ra'Anthoni 80 
Frierson, Ray 140. 141 
Frink, Caleb 24. 30. 80. 82, 1 19 
Fulton, Juliana 93 
Furline. Dwayne 146 
Futch, Felicia 45, 80 

Green stuff on the 

occasional freak potato 

chip is chlorophyll. 

Gaddis. Danielle 1 10. 128 
Gaddis, Patrick 66 
Gaddis. Portrie 128 
Gaddis. Shakira 66 
Gage. Queena 24. 80. 155 
Gaines. Julie 1 1. 34. 36.41. 45. 

46. 80.84. 108. 113. 115. 

US. 119, 121. 163 
Gaines. Kenzie 121. 144. 147 
Gale. Dana 80 
Galloway, Jessica 133 
Gamblin, Austin 100 
Gantt. Venessa 66 
Garrison. Heather 80 
Gaston, Robert 141 
Gates, Cameron 29 
Gavin, Antroy D. 109 
Gaylord. Aaron 66 
George, Kathy 59 
Germany, Brittany 14. 80. 108. 

121. 133 
Germany, Carol 59 
Germany, Conrad 59 
Gibbs, Dustin 124 
GIbbs, Teresa 121 
Gibson, Allison 147 
Gibson, Nolan 80 
Gillis, Drew 13.26,80. 113. 115 

119. 121. 124 
Gillis. Norman 59 
Gilmer, Jordan 48 
Glover. Jeremy 99 
Goldman, Ricky 54 
Gomillion. DeAndra 133 
Gordon, Kevin 66 
Gorgas, Lisa 59 
Goss, Sara 66, 1 10 
Gosselin, Chad 159 
Godwin, Russ 1 17 
Graham. Clint 98 
Graham, DeAndra 66 
Granger, Cecily 150 
Grant, Dontae 98 
Gray, Brandi 109 
Gray, Jonathan 66 
Greer, Simone 80 
Gregory, Christy 59 
Gregory. McKinley 101 
Gregory. Ruth 59. 63 
Gressett, Christy 102 
Gressett. Danny 59 
Griffin. Adam 80 
Griffin. Amber 115. 128 
Griffin. Calvin 133, 134 
Griffin. Candace 108. 161 
Grimshel, Jeffery 142. 143. 146 
Guraedy. Bruce 59. 63. 113 
Gutierrez. Sidney 147 



Heat expanding the metal 
causes the Eiffel Tower to 
always lean away from the 

Hall. Daphanie 68. 110 
Hall. Stuart 29 
Hall. ZeEricka 163 
Hammons. Deborah 59. 113 
Hannah. Beau 119. 140. 141 
Hannah. Lanette 60 
Hansford. Tyler 68. 69. 95. 122. 

130. 131 
Hardin. Jalysa 109 
Hardin. Kristi 68 
Hardy. Kim 60. 108 
Hardy, Krystle 7, 80, 108 
Harmon. Mathew 80 
Harper. Caitlin 32. 75. 80. 109. 

Harper. Rocell 150 
Harris. Alex 45. 80. 109 
Harris. Chris 60 
Harris. Derrick 68 
Harris. Jennifer 80 
Harris. Marquis 80. 140. 141 
Harris. Tina 60 
Harris. Zachary 80, 141 
Harrison. Andrew 68 
Harrison. Drew 73. 81, 106. 124, 

125. 126. 127. 129 
Harrison. Ricky 60 
Han. Beverly 54 
Hartley. Melanie 54 
Harvey. Britni 68.72. 119, 121 
Harvey. Courtney 80 
Hayes. Hunter 23. 24, 48, 81 
Hayes. Joy 18.20.48,64.68, 

121. 126. 127 
Ha_\nes. Andrew 81. 128 
Haynes, Patience 18.48,79,81, 

Haynes. Patince 1 19 
Haynes. Terell 28 
Haynes. Terrell 81 
Hearn. Kimberly 81 
Henderson. Chotsani 119, 153, 

II mdrix, Terrell 158. 163 
Henley. Ashley 42. 45. 81. 110, 

121. 163 
Henry, April 81 

Henry. Lonnie 100 

Henry. Sarah 81 

Henry. Suzanne 45. 113. 118. 

119. 1 29 
Herrington, Brittany 92 
Hickman, Cindell 109 
Hickman. Jerrid 142, 146 
Hickman. LaBrittany 68 
Higginbotham, Kiel 45, 72. 81. 

Hill. Scott 29. 60, 162 
Hillie. Sondreia 119, 162 
Hines. Amanda 17. 68, 69 
Holiday. Scott 141 
Holland. Chelsey 117. 167 
Holliman, Neal 50, 60, 163 
Hollingsworth, Dr. Jimmy 54 
Hollingsworth, Jared 129 
Hollingsworth, Leslie 81, 110 
Hollingsworth, Stacey 60 
Hollingsworth. Wade 60 
Holloway, Jarrod 29 
Holmes, Jeremy 29 
Holmes, Jimario 68 
Holt, Roberta 60 
Hopkins, Christina 81 
Hopson, Lamario 81, 119, 140, 

Horn. Jaide 129 
Hoskins, Kendall 68, 110 
Hoskins, Mark 81, 140, 141 
Houston, Rhonda 110, 128 
Howard, Kentareas 68, 101 
Howard, Kentoreya 81, 1 10, 128 
Howell, Gina 81, 116 
Hudnall, Tara 73 
Hudson, Chauncey 48 
Hudson, Deon 29, 128 
Hudson, Kenneth 45 
Hudson, Tequia 95 
Hughes, Tiera 81, 128 
Hunt, Albert 68, 115 
Hunt, Tony 98 
Hurley, Wanda 60 
Hurtt, Judy 60 

Ishee, Mark 81 
Ivy, Chris 140, 141 
Jackson, Annette 68 

In the 1 880's, "pants", was 

considered a dirty word in 


Ingle, Codi 68 
Ingram, Ben 81 
Ingram, Courtney 32 
Isaac, Shayla 68 
Isaac, Victoria 68 

John Madden is an 

accomplished ballroom 


Jackson, Jonathan 43, 45, 81, 

109, 113, 119, 121 
Jackson, Lectoria 8 1 
Jackson, Vonzell 140, 141 
James, Courtney 155 
James, Elaina 15,45,81, 113. 

115, 119. 121, 156, 157 
James, Kyle 63 
Jenkins, Andrew 98 
Jenkins, Dr. Chris 60 
Jenkins, James 89, 140, 141 
Jenkins, Lorie 81, 108. 113, 121 
Jenkins, Rashima 68, 119. 155 
Jim, April 108 
Joe, Casandra 8 1 
Johnson, Aaron 81, 129 
Johnson, Andy 32 
Johnson, Anna 68, 121, 133 
Johnson, Brenda 60, 128 
Johnson, Christanna 68 
Johnson, Daniel 68, 72, 162 
Johnson, Georgia 68 
Johnson, Jana 45, 68, 83, 90, 

113, 121, 147 
Johnson, Joe 59. 60, 63, 121 
Johnson, Precious 7 
Johnson, Valerie 6, 10, 83, 108, 

113, 121 
Johnson, Vivita 97 
Johnston, Bubby 57 
Johnston, Maegan 45, 46, 76, 83, 

90, 108, 114. 115, 119, 127 
Jones, Amanda 83 
Jones, Brian 141. 158, 163 
Jones, Corey 68 
Jones, Cristen 129, 133 
Jones, Derrick 141 
Jones, Erica 119 
Jones, Kamala 69 
Jones, Kieandre 141 
Jones, L.A. 141 
Jones, Lorenzo 163 
Jones, Lurenzo 141 
Jones, Marico69, 150 
Jones, Rico 48 

Jones, W. B. 54 
Jordan, Ashley 1 1 9 
Jordan, Gerald 60 
Jowers, Heather 83. 119 
Joyner, Justin 163 
Joyner, Reagan 15. 121. 133 
Joyner. Sharla 15.68. 119. 121 
Judge. Fallon 100 

Kea is the name of the 

two-foot bng bird in New 

Zealand that likes to eat 

the strips of rubber 

around car windows. 

Keady, Kyle 69. 110 

Keenan, Kate 60 

Kelley, Doug 83. 115 

Kelly. Chris 49 

Kemp, Harry 54 

Kennedy, Loren 161 

Key, Jennifer 102 

Keyes, Shellie 83 

Kight. Kelly 22. 23. 47. 83. 115. 

124, 125. 133 
Killens, Joe 32. 56. 57. 115 
Killens, Kyle 44. 162 
Killens, Terri 60 
Kilpatrick, Matthew 69 
Kinard, Samantha 69 
King, Chris 163 
King, Nakethia 69 
Kinton, Tony 31.60. 61.79. 89 
Kirkland. Mecedric 69 
Kitchings. William 54 
Klauk, Megan 147 
Knight, Joseph 61 
Knight, Krystal 7. 18.49 

Leap Year" occurs because 

a year is really 365 days 

and 6 hours! After 4 years, 

there are enough hours to 

make one day! 



Lacey, Lynie 1 19 
Ladd, Andrew 83 
Ladd, Andy 124 
Lafferty, Josh 158, 163 
Lake, Altamisha 69. 1 10 
Land, Nicole 1 1 I 
Landrum, Steven 69, 141 
Langston, Maurice 139, 140, 141 
Lanier, Emilee 69, 70. 72, 106, 

121, 127. 129, 130 
Larkin, Ashley 94, 100, 101 
Latham, Brad 69. 110 
Latham. Kayla 83, 108 
Latimer, Brett 83 
Laurie, Anna Ezelle 129 
Lawrence, Debbie 50 
Lawrence, Jamar 140, 141 
Leach, Allison 108, 144 
Leach, Jessica 69 
Ledford, Josh 69, 119 
Lee, Marcus 83. 113. 119 
Lee, Michaela 69. 73. 1 19. 155 
Leggett, Kinoka 1 1 9 
LeJeeune, Sharon 1 2 1 
LeJeune. Sharon, 61 
Lenton, Justin 141 
Lewis, Josh 69, 140. 141 
Lewis. Latoria 1 19 
Lewis. Matthew 69. 119, 141 
Lewis, Sam 10.22,24,64.69. 

Lewis, Steven 69 
Lillis. Valerie 83 
Little, John Curtis 83 
Livingston, Matt 69 
Livingston. Randal 54 
Lloyd, Austin 103 
Lockert. Johnny 7 
Lofton, Justin 110 
Lofton. Rod 7. 150 
Lofton, Roderick 69 
Long, Candace 45. 83, 110, 

113, 114, 115, 116, 117 
Long, Eric 69 
Loper, Ryan 1 2 1 
Lott, Whitney 129 
Lowe. Quan 140. 141 
Luckett. Josh 83. 150 
Luke, Donna 57 
Luke. Lori 61 
Lyle, Lauren 121 
Lyons, Fred 83 
Lyons, Fredrick 61. 139. 140. 141 


Music can help reduce 
chronic pain by more than 

20% and can alleviate 
depression by up to 25%. 

Macon. Ancarisa 69 

Madison, Amber 22, 108 

Malone, Emily 69 

Maloney, Timothy 163 

Mangrum, Pamela 71 

Mann, Aaron 71, 72,75, 106. 124. 

126, 127, 129 
Mann, Betsy 57 
Manning. V. C. 54 
Marshall, Andrew 23, 24, 25. 79. 

Marshall, Shonda 18, 48, 83, 108 
Mart. David 29 
Martin, Tanner 71 
Martinez, Roberto 163 
Massey, Jacob 71, 138. 141 
Matlock. Alisa 136, 155 
Maxtion. Darron 49. 73. 149. 150. 

May, Kendrick 119. 140. 141 
May, Kristen 7 1 
Mayes, Brookes 26, 44. 45, 46, 81 

83, 114. 115. 121. 130 
Mayes, Polly 61 
Mayo, Brooklyn 83. 96. I 10 
Mc Adory, Ora Mae 6 1 
McAfee. Alisha 71, 153. 155 
McClendon. Chiquitta 71 
McClendon, Steven 7 1 
McCool, Marcus 61 
McCool, Tyler 33, 44, 45, 79. 83 
McCurdy. Frank 54 
McDonald, Anthony 141 
McDonald, Dexter 80, 129 
McDonald, Edna 71. 108 
McDonald, Jelessa 75 
McDonald, Joseph 83, 109 
McDonald, Logan 110, 127, 129 
McDonald. Sharniece 24. 7 1 
McEachern. Mark 110 
McElhenney, Jared 119 
McGee, Brewer 83, 133 
Mclntyre, Alan 7 1 
Mclntyre, Chase 141 
McKee, Linda 61 
McKee, Maxine 61. 93 
McKelvain. Tuesday 71 
McLeod. Maria 61 

McMahan, Monika 83. 133 
McMillin. Dr. Lisa 61 
McMullan, Lori 61 
McMurry, Lacy 10. 15. 121. 1 

McNair, Austin 44. 45. 47. 83. 

121. 157 
McNair, Vikki 61 
McNall. Melody 83 
McNichols, Tharin 83 
McRae, Gloria 61 
Miles, Billy 61.90. 91 
Miles. Hannah 25, 108. 121 
Miles, Kimberly 83 
Miller, Carey 163 
Miller, Cortney 44, 83, 155 
Miller, James 60, 141 
Miller, Kizzy 109 
Milling, Morgan 30, 32 
McMurry, Lacy 10. 15, 121, 1 

McNair, Austin 44, 45, 47, 83. 

115. 121. 157 
McNair. Vikki 61 
McNall. Melody 83 
McNichols, Tharin 83 
McRae, Gloria 61 
Miles, Billy 61,90, 91 
Miles, Hannah 25. 108. 113, 
Miles, Kimberly 83 
Miller. Carey 1 63 
Miller, Cortney 44, 83. 155 
Miller, James 60, 141 
Miller, Kizzy 109 
Milling, Morgan 30, 32 
Mills, Katie 83 
Milsap, Tatanisha 71 
Ming, Kylie 163 
Mingo, Robert 71 
Mingo, Samuel 71 
Mitchell, Ginny 121 
Mixon, Paige 99 
Moncrief, Tracey 7 1 
Moncrief, Tray 71 
Monk, Caleb 100 
Monk. Ryan 23, 24, 71, 124 
Moore, Angela 85, 119, 129 
Moore, Dustin 97, 1 33 
Moore, Josh 119, 163 
Moore, Joshua 146 
Moore, Justin 140. 141 
Moore, Kevin 10, 163 
Moore, Kristina 146 
Moore, Travis 71, 83 
Moore. Wendy 50 
Morales, Des 150 


I 15. 



Morris. Jason 7 1 

Morrison, Aaron 119, 130. 131 

Morrison. Christopher 71 

Moss. Lachelle 71. 1 19 

Moss, Schvondia 71 

Mullins. McClain 26. 44. 45. 83. 

108. 119. 129. 146 
Munn. Anna 71. 157 
Munn. Megan 71. 145. 147. 162 

Nine out of ten people 

believe Thomas Edison 

invented the light bulb. 

This isn't true; Joseph 

Swan did. 

Nance. Jerry 54 

Nash. Leslie 33. 83, 84. 113. 115 

121. 124 
Nash, Schondriea 71 
Nay lor, Matt 12. 71. 1 19. 157 
Nazary, Brittany 83 
Needham, Latoya 71 
Nelson, Eric 141 
Nelson, Joe 163 
Nichols, Kendrick 83 
Nicholson, Tyler 163 
Nicks, Yasmin 108 
Nixon. Kayla 128 
Nixon, Kelli 128 

One in eight people in the 

United States show signs of 

addiction to the internet. 

Oatman. Rachel 19. 133. 135 
Odom. Chasity 1 1 1 
Osborne. Doug 1 10 
O'Steen, Carli 84, 108. 113 



Pillsbury, Zachary 143, 146 
Pinson, Marcie 61 
Push. Franklin 72 

Purser. Kathv 6 

Paul McCartney 

eventually taught himself 

how to read music, but 

none of the Beatles 
originally knew how. 

Parham. Freddie 140. 141 

Parker. Connie 84. 110 

Parker. Leo 54 

Parker. Mindy 71. 110 

Parker. Tony 150 

Parkman. Chris 12. 163 

Parks. Dimario 119. 129 

Parks. Rick 23. 24. 48. 84 

Patie. Katrina 1 1 1 

Patrick. Courtney 71 

Patrick. Kamisha 71 

Pace. Derek 61 

Pace. Donna 92 

Pace. Jacqueline 84 

Packer. Dollye 45. 84. 108 

Parham. Freddie 140. 141 

Parker. Connie 84 

Parker. Leo 54 

Parker. Mindy 7 1 

Parker. Tony 150 

Parkman, Chris 12, 163 

Parks. Dimario 119. 129 

Parks. Rick 23. 24. 48, 84 

Patrick. Courtney 71 

Patrick. Kamisha 71 

Patrick. McKenzie 7 1 . 141 

Patterson. Jordon 18, 48. 80, 153, 

Paty. Tyrune 70 
Pearson. Laura 6. 84 
Patrick. McKenzie 71, 141 
Patterson. Jordon 18. 48, 80, 153, 

Paty, Tyrune 70 
Pearson. Laura 6. 84 
Penn. Sandy 121 
Pete. Roy 1 46 
Peterson. Brittany 71 
Peterson. Peter 44 
Phillips. Allison 162 
PhilMps, Allison 155 Michael 84. 141 

enfc iwski, Micheal 84 

erce. Wade 16 

gg. Ashley 121 

Igrim, Kristie 61 

llsburv, Knsten 71. 147. 162 

Quebec, Canada, has about 

as much street crime as 

Disney World. 

Purvis, R. T. 61, 166 
Plumme, Tiffany 108 
Poole. Gillian 1 1 1 
Poole, Stephen 162 



Rice paper does not have 
any rice in it! 

Pouerie, Peachrich 71, 119 
Pouncey, Ken 54 
Province, Lindsey 147 
Pruitt, Craig 1 50 
Puckett, Caitlin 71, 121, 129 
Pugh, David 72, 1 10 

Quails, Derrick 60, 84, 141 

Quinn, Lucas 31 

Ratcliff, James 72 

Ray, Heather 84 

Reed, Dusty 72 

Reeves, Haywood 62 

Reeves, Ryan 35, 45, 48, 84, 119, 

Reynolds, Bradley 72 
Reynolds, Brandi 72 
Rhea, Alan 54 
Rhodes, Rhianna 102 
Rice, Carlos 45, 82, 110 
Rice, Kaleb 119 
Richardson, Courtney 72 
Ricks, Brandi 72, 129 
Riddle, Crystal 72 
Rieger, Hillary 84, 129, 133 
Rigby, Heather 72, 110 
Rigdon, Debra 62 
Rigdon, Kylie 72, I 17, 121, 130, 

131, 163, 166 

Robinson, Jordan 158 

Robinson, Karl 148, 150 

Robinson, Ken 29 

Robinson, Kristie 72, 117. 129 

Robinson, Lakeishia 128 

Robinson, Tanika 121 

Robinson, Travis 140, 141 

Rogers, Rebecca 84 

Roland, Rebecca 130 

Roney, Kevin 146 

Ross, Roosevelt 139, 140, 141 

Rouse, Anna 18,48,84, 109, 121 

Rowell, Melissa 72 

Rushing, Justin 84, 97 

Russell, Codee 162 

Ryals, Kevin 60, 62 

Ryan, Valarie 72 

Scissors were invented by 
Leonardo da Vinci 

Sanders, Aerial 72 
Sanders, Anthony 84 
Sanders, April 72 
Sanders, Jaleesa 155 
Sanders, Jeleesa 152 
Sanders, Kathy 59, 62 
Sanders, Kendra 18,49,72 
Sanders, Kimberly 84, 117. 121. 

Sanders, Maudean 62 
Satchei-, Tyrell 128, 129 
Savel, Christy 62 
Savell, Connie 82, 121, 124. 133 
Savell, Phillip 163 
Savior, Melysheaco 72 
Sawyer, Vicki 72 
Sciple, George 72 
Scott, Henry 72, 140. 141 
Scott, Olivia 24. 67, 120, 121 
Scott, Quintin 141 
Seale, Kimbo 84, 147 
Seibel, Tim 72, 107, 121 
Seward, David 96 
Shackelford, Carol 62 
Sharp, Amy 119, 162 
Sharp, Bethany 108 
Sharp, Corey 8,133 
Shaw, Cody 27, 29, 84 
Shaw, Marequas 99 
Shaw, Olivia 73 
Shaw, Royce 54 

Sheehan, Josh 84 
Shelley, Shelby 1 1 
Shelton. Brandon 149. 151 
Shelton. Courtney 140. 141 
Shoemaker, Crystal 84, 1 1 3 
Shoemaker. Megan 45. 108. 119 
Simpson, Gloria 73 
Sisson, Kolby 121 
Sisson, William 73 
Sistrunk, Jennifer 30, 79. 84. 85, 
109, 117. 120. 121. 122. 13 
Skipper, Curt 62. 79. 90. 121 
Slack, Angela 73 
Slaughter. Alvina 128 
Slaughter, Hilda 62 
Slay, Caiti 73, 108. 109. 121 
Slay, Erin 22, 23, 24. 72 
Sloan, Charles 73 
Sloan, Mallory 73 
Smallwood, Travis 8, 133 
Smart, Evan 110, 115 
Smiley. Nicole 73 
Smiley, Snycecity 73 
Smith, Akeele 102 
Smith, Amber 73. 121, 162 
Smith, Bill 62. 155 
Smith, Brittany 73 
Smith, Emilie 62 
Smith, Jalisa 73. 117, 121 
Smith, James 109 
Smith. Jerry 54 
Smith, Jesse 93 
Smith. Josh 118, 119 
Smith, Laura 119, 162 
Smith, Lauren 85. 113. 119 
Smith, Marcus 73 
Smith, Sherri 85. 129 
Smith, Terry 85, 129 
Smith, Whitney 73. 121 
Smith, William 97 
Smyth. Ryan 73. 110 
Spane, Spencer 119, 141 
Spane, Spencer, Jamar Lawrence 

Sparkman, Dr. Lavinia 54, 57 
Sparkman, Katie 62 
Sparkman, Terry 141 
Spears, Nathan 124, 125, 133 
Squires. Kyle 30. 81.85 
Stamper, Sheila 62 
Stapp, Kristi 104 
Steele. Gwendolyn 85 
Steele, Skyler 133 
Stephens, Quentin 85 
Stephens. Wesley 103 
Steve, Tara 85 
Stevens, Lindsey 85. 119. 121, 

Steverson, Daniel 110. 157 
Stingley, Courtney 85 
Stokes, Alicia 16, 85 

Stokes, Carrie 129 
Stokes, Casey 19, 124, 125, 133 
Stovall, Gregory 163 
Stowers, Annie 54 
Street, Heath 1 1 5 
Stribling, Tyson 85 
Strickland, April 73. 117 
Strohm, Annie 108, 115, 121 
Stuphin, Dr. Phil 55 
Sullivan, Kellie 128 
Sullivan, Maxine 62 
Summers-Jones, Evan 73 
'Sutphin, Dr. Phil 35. 114. 115 
iSvihla, Stacy 103 
Swit/er, Anna 133 

The two most famous 
actors who portrayed the 

Marlboro Man" in the 

cigarette ads died of lung 


Talhert. Josh 1 24 

Tanner. Marcus 73 

Tanner. Russ 110 

Tarazona, Catalina 73. 119. 147 

Tate, Donovan 141 

Taylor, Bethany 73 

Taylor, Jordan 22. 23. 47. 85. 115. 

124. 133. 135 
Taylor. Juley 15. 21. 156. 157 
Taylor, Justin 142 
Taylor. Katherine 85. 119 
Taylor, Katrina 
Taylor, Lee 1 29 
Taylor. Melissa 73. 110 
Taylor. Tashina 69, 133 
Taylor, Vivian 62 
Thames, Virgie 62 
Thomas, Abby 85. 121 
Thomas, Jeremy 1 10 
Thomas, Roger 88. 141 
JThomas, Tiffany 15. 16. 44. 72. 

121. 133. 161. 162 
Thompson. J.T. 90 
Thompson. Jerome 73 
Thompson. Joe 150 
Thompson, Kenneth 62. 146. 147 
Thompson, Rachel 129 
Thorne, Laura 62 
Thorne, Liz 85. 109. 118. 121 

Thorne, Vickie 62 

Thrash, Emily 15. 22. 23. 44. 47. 

69.73. 115. 119. 121. 157. 

Tindall, Skye 85. 118. 121. 147 
Townsend, Michael 140. 141 
Townsend, Pamela 1 1 7 
Tramill, Erin 130. 131 
Travis. Marcus 85. IP). 141 
Traxler, Kim 111 
Traylor. Justin 146 
Trotter, 117 
Tripled, Constance 85 
Truman. Lamar 85. 91. IP). 141 
fucker, Howard 85 
Turner, Matt 146 
Tyson, Brittany 129 

Unicycles may seem small, 

but the world's tallest 
unicycle is 1148 feet tall! 

Underwood, Carrie 62 
Underwood, Terry 57. 141 
Unwin. Erica 129 

Venomous snakes are not 
found in Maine. 

Valentine. Angela 110. 112 
Vance. Candi 22. 27. 47. 64. 73. 

115. 121, 129. 133 
Vance. Jeannie 62 
Vance, Mickey 56, 57 
Vaughn. Scott 119 
Vaughn. Martie 62 
Vaughn. Trever 110 
Vickers, Ovid 5 1 
Vincent. Chelsey 121. 129. 145. 

Vines. Phillip 85. 121. 156. 157 


When young and 

impoverished, Pablo Picasso 

kept warm by burning his 

own paintings. 

Wade, Adam 85 

Wade, Beth Ann 1 2 1 

Wade, Matt 7. 163 

Walker. Crystal 110. 133 

Walker, Devarus 148. 150. L93 

Walker, Hailey 121 

Walker. Luke 163 

Walker. Tavari us 157 

Walker. Tyler 141 

Wall. Amber 90. 96. 133 

Wallace, Nathan 110 

Wallace. Quadarius 79. 141 

Walters, Stephen 10 

Walters. Tyler 29, 34. 36. 85. 163 

Walton, Pat 88 

Walton, Riley 75 

Ward. Chase 162 

Warnsley. Marcus 85 

Warren, Blake 62 

Warren. Erin 86. 95. 133 

Warren, Joshua 102 

Warren, Latasha 1 29 

Warren, Robert 141 

Wash. Brittany 86 

Waters. Latrice 86, 128. 133. 135 

Watkins, Latasha 1 2 I 

Watkins. Rebecca 95. 109. 121 

Watson. Kyle 141 

Watson. Mark 94. 129 

Weathers, Amanda 86, 1 10 

Weathers. Justin 133 

Wells. Lorenzo 141 

Wesley. Johnna I I 1 

Westbrook, Autumn 103 

Westbrook. Robert 86. 95. 163 

Westbrook, Ronald 62 

White. Anna III). 112 

White. Brittany 22. 23. 86. 113. 

White. Brooke 45, 85. 86. 90. 

108. 144. 147. 167 
White. Ronnie 129 
White. Whitnee 1 19. 161. 162 
Whitfield, Kenneth 20. 21. 86. 

140. 141 
Whitlock. Rotier 56. 57 

Whittle. Chester 88 
Wilcher. Brittany I 7 
Willbanks, Matt 79 
Williams, Anthonj 124. 129 
Williams. Brandon 10. 163 
Williams. Bruce 141 
Williams, Deon 140. 141. 163 
Williams. Dequita 86 
Williams. Joshua 141 
Williams. Lucretia 62 
Williams. Nicole 155 
Williams. Shunta 86 
Williams. Van 79. 129 
Williamson. Missy 86. 133 
Williamson, Tashide 133 
Willis. Daven 163. 166 
Willis. Renita 108 
Wilson. Alon/o 101 
Wilson, Clarissa 86 
Wilson. Jarvis 141 
Wilson. Mark 20. 26. 49. 86. 149. 

150. 151 
Wilson, Roxanne 86 
Wilson. Sam 92. 146 
Wilson, Santanna 1 2N 
Wilson. Tracy I 1 1 
Wilson, William 62 
Winstead, Clay 124 
Winstead, Jack 54 
Wolverton. Krystle 15. 108. 133 
Wood. Gail 62 
Wood. Lucille 92 
Woodall. Belinda 144. 147 
Wooten, Emily 162 
Wooten, Lance 104 
Wooten. Matthew 110 
Worrell. Jonathan 28. 29 
Wright. Britni 79. 86. 112. 115. 

116. 117. 129 
Wright, Mary Ann 62 
Wright, Samantha 70. 121 
Wright. Sylvia 62. 63 
Wyatt, Jennifer 70. 86. 121 
Wynne. Emily 129 



You are about one 

centimeter taller in the 

morning than in the 


Yarbrough. Dwayne 135 

Yarbrough. Kandace 86 
Yarbrough. Kristi 86. 110 
Yates. Abby 1 1 1 
Yates. Chasity 160 
Yates. Karen 61.62 
York. Victoria 86. 119. 135 

Zebra stripes-black stripes 

on white or white stripes 

on black? Researchers have 

discovered that some 

zebras are born with 

unfully formed stripes 

that seem to indicated a 

black skin color with 

white stripes! 

Zetterholm. Timothy 74. 109. 121 
Zynosky-Sharpling, Billy 7, 129 


The primary source of facts in this edition of the 
WorH&-Lo is Uncle John's Bathroom Reader, published by 
the Bathroom Readers' Instituta A variety of websites 
was also consulted, including the following sites'. 

httpy/www.linkydinky .com/ 5 Ocelebf acts.shtml 

Division page articles were written by staff writer Shaun 

Special thanks goes to the Office of Public Information 
which provided both information and the photographs for 
the yearbook. The assistance of Bubby Johnston, Maria 
McLeod, and Karen Yates was invaluable in the creation 
of the 2008 Wo-He-Lo. 








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